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Well-being at work

Your workers are your most valuable resource.To keep them healthy, motivated and happy you have to provide them with a healthy, safe and pleasant working environment. Well-being at work and preventing absenteeism are vital to your business activities.

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Well-being at work
Securex's "Health & Safety" services offer you:
  • Higher employability of your workers
  • Greater safety for a better work environment
  • Professional support for your prevention and well-being policy, focused on your organisation, your managers and your employees.

Absenteeism is a problem that could have a negative effect on company profitability and morale in the workplace. It may also result in lower productivity and demotivated employees.

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External Prevention and Protection at Work

As an employer you want to maintain the health of your workers and a safe environment for them to work in. We aim to improve well-being at the workplace. 

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Vitality is one of the cornerstones of a sustainably employable workforce. Vitality comes as a result of energy, resilience and fitness, as well as motivation and dedication. 

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