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Who are we?

The services, websites and apps are made available by Securex Group vzw, which has its registered office at 1040 Brussels, Tervurenlaan 43, Belgium, VAT BE0419.678.319, Register of Legal Entities Brussels, and which can be reached by telephone at + 32 2 729 92 11, and by e-mail at info@securex.be.

Processing purposes

Your personal data shall be processed by Securex Group vzw in accordance with the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter referred to as 'GDPR'), following the execution of a requested or offered service, the use of an app or following a request for information, documentation or contact or the use of the website or an app. Securex Group vzw processes the personal data you provide to its services and on its websites and apps for the following purposes: 

  1. To respond positively to the requests made when you contact or visit the websites or using the app
  2. Administrative and organizational tasks related to service provision, the management of the websites and the commercial and administrative contacts of Securex Group vzw, both with regard to clients and suppliers. The goal herewith is also the reduction of the administrative burden and the optimization of operational management and data management
  3. To optimise and assess the quality of the services offered to Internet users and customers, and of the websites and apps 
  4. To prepare market surveys and compile visitor statistics 
  5. To keep you regularly informed, especially by e-mail, of the activities, new services and products of Securex Group vzw or to ask you about new or delivered services and products
  6. To pass on your personal details to all legal entities of the economic entity known as Securex Group, especially to enable them to make you any form of promotional offer via email 
  7. The organization and execution of an extensive offer of services requested by and/or agreed upon with the data subject and/or employer

Regarding the first four purposes, Securex Group vzw justifies its processing operations on the basis of its legitimate interest in managing its websites and apps optimally, understanding how its services, websites and apps are used, and responding appropriately and correctly to requests from users of the websites and apps. Insofar as these processing operations are conducted on the basis of cookies, our cookie policy shall apply.

With regard to the fifth purpose, Securex Group vzw relies on:

  • Its legitimate interest to inform its existing clients about its services and products and to contact them to question them about their expectations and experiences regarding these products and services
  • Your individual consent to contact you for this purpose

For the sixth purpose, Securex Group vzw will only process your data with your consent. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time without this affecting the lawfulness of the processing carried out prior to the revocation of your consent. 

With regard to the last purpose, the processing of your personal data by Securex Group vzw depends on the type of service and the organizing legal entity of Securex Group vzw:

  • The processing may be based on your consent and/or registration for the requested service: e.g. for trainings, webinars, download whitepaper...
  • The processing may be necessary for the execution of a contractual commitment with you or your employer: e.g. in the context of payroll administration, insurance agreements, business counter or consultancy activities
  • Processing may be necessary to fulfil legal obligations, e.g. in the context of services as an external service for prevention and protection at work or in the context of workplace accident legislation

Securex Group vzw (non-profit organization) processes your personal data as a user of the websites and applications, or as a business manager, a self-employed person, or partner or as an employer, his representative, or an employee of an affiliated company. Securex Group vzw may also process your personal data as contact person of a supplier or of partners, … we call upon.

Personal data can be supplied by yourself, through or via the services provided or through the use of our applications, and can also be processed through your employer, a partner, or another representative. Securex Group vzw may also obtain your personal data through a link to a government crossroads bank or via public sources. 

Depending on the commercial relationship or type of service, various types of data can be processed here, whereby professional contact details of non-customers can also be processed for prospection purposes.

Your rights

You may consult the data that Securex Group vzw processes and, if need be, have them rectified by sending a dated and signed request, together with a copy of the front of your identity card, by e-mail to privacy@securex.be or by post to Securex Group, Data Protection Officer, Tervurenlaan 43, 1040 Brussels. In the same manner and within the limits of the GDPR, you may also object to your personal data being processed or request that any such processing be restricted. You may also request that your data be deleted or transferred. More information may be obtained via the same address.
If necessary, you may file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority

Retention period

Securex Group vzw will not store your data for longer than is strictly necessary for the processing purposes and for as long as is required by law.


To prevent unauthorised access to the personal data that you communicate to us to the extent possible, Securex Group vzw complies with stringent security procedures.
 You may be required to register in advance in order to access certain services. You undertake to provide accurate and complete data to Securex Group vzw, and to notify it of any changes to the same. The access data that you receive from Securex Group vzw are strictly personal and should be kept secret by you. If you suspect that your access data are being improperly used, please immediately notify Securex Group vzw of the same.
Securex Group vzw can take the necessary measures to ensure the proper management of its websites and of its computer system. To this end, Securex Group vzw may access all information, notifications or other elements that are stored on these websites or in this system at any time. Securex Group vzw may also block your access temporarily or permanently in this context at any time, among other things in cases of (suspected) fraud, improper use or breach of the confidentiality of your access data. 

Data sharing

Groep Securex vzw may appeal to other suppliers to perform specific processing activities. These suppliers, both processors and sub-processors, must also comply with all obligations and regulations and offer sufficient protection and guarantees so that processing activities always comply with the obligations regarding the GDPR.

Securex Group vzw may also share certain personal data with an employer or other client involved, with intermediaries to whom you or your employer have granted a power of attorney (e.g., an accountant) or with another party during implementation of the agreement between the parties concerned.

Securex Group vzw may also have to disclose your personal data to a third party at the request of any legally authorised government body or even on its own initiative if it believes in good faith that such disclosure is required to comply with the laws and regulations, to protect and/or defend the rights or property of Securex Group vzw, of the legal entities of Securex Group, or the users of the websites and apps or, in exceptional circumstances, to protect the security of Securex Group vzw, the legal entities of Securex Group, its clients, and/or the users of the websites and apps. 

Transfer of data to third countries

Securex Group vzw does not transfer personal data outside the EEA. 

If a transfer of data to a country outside the EEA should nevertheless prove necessary, Securex Group vzw will implement appropriate safeguards in accordance with data protection legislation and ensure that enforceable rights and effective legal remedies are available to data subjects.

It may happen that, for the provision of a limited number of services, we temporarily cooperate with a processor or sub-processor that may transfer personal data to a country that is not part of the EEA. In such cases, the necessary safeguards are always provided so that the processing is always compliant with the GDPR and thus with an adequate level of protection (e.g., by binding corporate rules and/or standard contractual clauses with corresponding measures and/or data transfer impact assessments).