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Change in social status

What legal form to opt for as a self-employed person?

Your small business is not in crisis and you would like to devote more time to your business, so as to be able to meet growing demand? A change of social status is advisable! Whether you go from being self-employed as a secondary occupation to self-employed as a main occupation, or whether you choose to set up your own company.

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From a secondary occupation to a main occupation

Is your business developing? If you have started working part-time, in addition to your job as an employee, and you want to devote yourself 100% to your activity, it may be time to change your status and become self-employed as your main occupation.

The advantages of becoming self-employed as a main occupation

  • You will be able to enjoy the social rights that come with the status of self-employment and have your medical expenses reimbursed, as well as receive a guaranteed income in the event of work incapacity.

The disadvantages of becoming self-employed as a main occupation

Becoming self-employed as a main occupation

From sole proprietorship to company

When you operate your business as a sole proprietorship and your income increases, you will often have to pay substantial taxes. There are several advantages to changing status and switching to a company:

  • You will optimise your tax regime and pay lower taxes.
  • You will separate your private assets from your company's assets. You thus incur no risk in the event of your company incurring debts.

Securex's experts will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each legal company form (SA, SRL...), so that you can make the best decision.

Change the legal form of your business

Social security for the self-employed

As a self-employed person, you must pay quarterly social security contributions to your social insurance fund. In return, you are entitled to attractive social security benefits, regardless of your personal situation. The change in social status gives you access to these benefits.

Among the social benefits enjoyed by the self-employed are:

  • child benefits,
  • the reimbursement of health care,
  • a pension,
  • a bridging allowance,
  • a childbirth allowance,
  • or even free service vouchers for self-employed mothers who have recently given birth.

By joining the Securex Social Insurance Fund, your social security will be in order until the end of your career. Moreover, you will receive clear explanations regarding the calculation of your social security contributions and your rights as a self-employed person.

Discover your social benefits
Would you like to change your social status?

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