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Are you self-employed as a main or secondary occupation? Then you must affiliate to a social insurance fund. Joining Securex is easy by using our online tool. Are you already affiliated to another social insurance fund? Don't worry, we'll just take care of the transfer for you. 

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Why join a social insurance fund?

By paying your social contributions as a self-employed person in main occupation, you are entitled to social security rights such as:

  • Child benefit and birth grant
  • Benefit in case of illness or accident
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses
  • Retirement pension, survivor's pension and transitional allowance
  • Bridging pension
  • Family care allowance
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Additional services

Securex Integrity, the Securex Social Insurance fund, offers a handful of additional services that increase your comfort and security. Today, we already do this for a large number of self-employed people and companies.

  • Fast intervention and payment of benefits and premiums
  • A personal adviser who closely follows up your case
  • Perfect integration with our enterprise counter go-Start
Would you like to join the Securex Social Insurance Fund?

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