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The salary bonus plan (CLA 90)

Reward your employees twice for the same price

Are you planning to reward your employees with a salary bonus? Remember that after tax and social security deductions employees keep only about a third of the traditional bonus. There is another way. Increase the net figures to 65% with a (CLA 90) bonus plan. That way, you reward your employees twice, at the same salary cost.

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What are the benefits of a (CLA 90) bonus plan?

  • There is nothing for you to do. We handle the legal and administrative side of the salary bonus
  • The employer contributions are no more than 33% of the gross sum. This sum and the employee bonus are fully tax deductible
  • You offer an attractive salary package and increase the motivation of your employees

What is a (CLA 90) bonus plan?

The (CLA 90) bonus plan, also known as ‘non-recurring result-based benefits’, is a financially advantageous salary bonus. You use the bonus to reward your employees for reaching a goal.

Such as the overall sales figures, or obtaining ISO certification, or cutting down on the use of paper. This bonus provides extra motivation for your employees. 

The salary bonus is not an individual but a collective bonus. In other words, it applies to all employees or a specific group of employees. The goal you set must also be a collective one.

What if an employee hits a sales figure, obtains a certificate or cuts costs individually? In that case the bonus does not apply.

The bonus is not awarded until the target is reached. You set this by means of predefined and quantifiable criteria.

How to implement this alternative reward in your business?

There is no need for you to learn the finer points of the legislation. We will examine if you meet the criteria for introducing a bonus plan.

You can count on us to handle the full procedure, from start to finish. In full compliance with your internal regulations.

We offer a broad range of support, from setting goals to paying your employees the bonus once the goal is reached.

How does it benefit you? You save time and money.

FAQs on the bonus plan
Planning to reward your employees with a salary bonus?

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