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The total package for starting freelancers - Start2Freelance

Do you want to go freelance? Great. Freelancing brings a lot of satisfaction.
But there are many issues to deal with: from start-up formalities to your bookkeeping and business plan.

Start2Freelance from Securex supports you throughout the process and launches your freelance career. Ready to freelance?

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From dream to fact as a freelancer

As a freelancer you are everything at once: specialist, salesman, marketeer and much more. A freelancer is a real entrepreneur who faces tough decisions every day as the CEO of their own company.

Sound challenging? It is, but you get a lot out of it too. Freedom and the possibility of doing what you are passionate about.

Find out whether freelancing is for you

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What laws and practical obstacles stand in the way of your life as a freelancer? At Securex we know your challenges like no-one else:

Want to go freelance? Then Start2Freelance is definitely for you!

  • An answer to all your questions about starting as a freelancer
  • An overview of what it costs to start
  • Receive a concrete step-by-step plan for a smooth start
  • Advice from experienced Securex coaches
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Support all along the line as a fledgling freelancer
Support all along the line as a fledgling freelancer
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