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Working as an accountant, with Securex as your partner

Entrepreneurs count on you as an accountant. You are ready to offer your clients specialised fiscal advice, and at Securex, we stand ready to help you. But you also deserve a reliable partner to support you, to advise you and to help you grow. How? With digital tools, your own Account Manager and a fulltime Partner Care Team dedicated to all our partner-accountants.

Become partner at Securex

Why is Securex the ideal partner for accountants?

  • Advice and tailored support for you 
  • One centralized contact point for all your questions
  • Digital tools
  • Help at the start of your own accounting business
  • Relevant sectoral advice and news
  • Tips to better deal with your customers 

Tailor-made advice for your own business

Whoever is doing business will prove better off with the help of others. As an accountant, you need a reliable partner helping you with tools and software for accountants, tailor-made advice for your business and ready-made answers to your urgent entrepreneurial questions. At Securex, we know this all too well. 

That is why our Partner Care Team is there to help all accountants and tax professionals, while an Account Manager is available for you as well. Whether you just obtained your certificate as an accountant or have been in the business for many years already: we help you with personal advice and a strong partnership

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Digitalizing your accountancy firm

Digital tools in your accountancy firm speed up and optimise your business processes and make your work as an accountant much more effective. Gain very quickly a considerable amount of time thanks to the right software and on-line tools, such as:

  • Digital invoicing
  • Bank operations
  • Client follow-up 
  • HR-planning

This gives you time to go full speed ahead to offer added value to your end customers. Which tools do you use for your digitalisation and how do you link applications to one another for a simple data exchange? And how to automate your tasks in a scalable way, so that your new co-workers are up and running in case your office develops?

Our digitalisation tips and tools for accountants give you the answers you need to write your own story as a specialist for your clients. Working as an accountant never went more smoothly. 

Digitalize your accounting firm

Become future-orientedproof with our digital tools

Getting to work as a self-employed accountant

Did you freshly graduate as a chartered accountant, or have you already acquired several years of experience in an accounting office, and would you like to start for your own account? There are a number of things to consider for a smooth start:

  • Do you choose a one-man business or a company? And which supplementary administration do you need?
  • How to calculate a fair rate?
  • Which compulsory and possible additional insurance schemes do you need?

Our Securex-team helps you for a worriless start with your own company as an accountant and tax advisor, even when you’re still following your ITAA certification trajectory. Discover what you need precisely for your own business and how we assist you in this.

Starting your own accounting firm

Start off smooth as a self-employed accountant

Find the best suitable employer

Accountancy is more than ever a real bottleneck profession. This means that you have the freedom of choice as a certified accountant. How to start your own accounting office or would you rather work as an accountant in paid employment at an employer’s?

If you choose an employer, you are probably facing a number of questions, such as:

  • How much do you earn as a junior accountant in an office?
  • Which company best suits your profile?
  • What is the appropriate step to boost your career?

You’ll find the answers to the main questions on our overview page about finding a job as an accountant. Thus, you enter the labour market with extra knowledge, and will find an accounting office that fits you like a glove.

Find the perfect employer

Tips and insights for your career as an accountant

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