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Working as an accountant: your handy guide

Boost your bookkeeping career

Entrepreneurs count on your services as an accountant. And they have high expectations. No problem, because you will be there for your clients with specialised advice. Discover here how you, as an accountant, can grow and expand your business with success. Because you too deserve a reliable partner to support and advise you.

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Starting up as a self-employed accountant

Becoming a self-employed accountant is a particularly exciting goal to have. With the current war for talent in accountancy, there is a good chance that you will quickly fill your diary, whether you have just graduated or been working for a while.

As you know, there are a lot of requirements to satisfy when setting up an accounting firm of your own. This is because it is crucial for you as an accountant to know how to support your clients.

  • As an accountant starting out, you will need to satisfy specific starter conditions, such as ITAA recognition and internship
  • Set your fee as an accountant
  • Take out compulsory and additional insurances
  • Continue to grow in your profession
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Finding the right employer

Did you know that accountants regularly feature in the top 10 bottleneck professions on the VDAB list? This means that as a newly graduated or experienced accountant, you will have many potential employers with vacancies to choose from. So choose your employer with care

Choose your employer by looking at what really matters to you:

  • According to Jobat, as a starter, you can expect a gross monthly salary in the region of €2200-€2500 
  • Be sure, also, to find a positive and people-oriented company culture
  • Would you rather build a career as a specialist or a generalist? This will also influence your choice of employer
  • Look closely at the job description: the specific tasks expected from a junior may differ a lot from one company to another
Everything about finding the right employer

Digitising as an accountant

Although some of your clients may be lovers of paper receipts, you and your clients will reap the benefits of digitising your accounting.

With digital tools, you can easily exchange data and work faster and more efficiently.  Leaving you the freedom to provide advice and help your clients' businesses grow.

With the right tools you:

  • Process all invoicing documents smoothly
  • Easily incorporate bank transactions
  • Have real-time insight into your clients' situations
  • Quickly access and process HR data such as schedules and timesheets 
Everything about digitisation

Choosing the right partner

What you, as an accountant, are looking for is a reliable partner. Nothing more, nothing less. A partner that keeps their word, supports you with accountancy tools and software and provides you with ready-made answers to urgent questions. And that, including access to all our industry specialists, is what you get from Securex.

When choosing your partner, make sure that you: 

  • Choose an accessible partner
  • Can count on reliable expertise on the most relevant topics in-house
  • Can attend accredited training sessions that contribute to your growth
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With the right partner, you can reach new heights.

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