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All-in one HR platform for personnel policy in your SME

An optimal personnel and payroll admin with Officient

Managing your HR administration efficiently is no easy task. Employee data are often spread over different HR tools, which are frequently restricted to payroll administration.

Officient, an integrated and modular HR platform for SMEs, lets you manage your personnel and payroll administration from only one central platform.

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Officient for the HR administration of your SME

  • You centralise all your HR data and payroll on 1 digital platform
  • You save time through greater efficiency
  • You get more added value from your HR administration
  • You can make better strategic decisions based on your HR data

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3 steps towards an effective personnel administration for your SME

Our phased (step-by-step) project approach is based on 3 steps: analysis, preparation and start-up, which guarantees you the very best start for your personnel file. Each of the three phases ends with a thorough review and corrective action, if needed. Your personal client advisor gives you guidance from the outset.

Step 1 - Analysis

  • In-depth analysis of your personnel and payroll administration, plus optimization advice for your HR management.
  • Introduction and customizing the partnership based on your needs.
  • Constitution of your case.

Step 2 - Preparation

  • We create your Officient account for you, so you can log in immediately on the platform.
  • We walk you step-by-step through the process of entering work hours and holidays, so your wages are calculated smoothly.

Step 3 - Start-up

  • You receive on-line training for faultless HR administration and wage processing.
  • You get access to supportive videos, FAQs and elaborate documentation to ensure a smooth smart.
  • Everything is in place to make a success of your first payroll calculation.
  • Assessment after 3 months.

An integrated total solution for your HR policy

All HR data and HR processes on 1 digital platform

No need to store your HR data in different tools. Officient gives you an all-in-one tool to support the entirety of your HR administration. With this you can manage your HR processes much more efficiently.

Time savings through greater efficiency

Full integration ensures that the information adapted in Officient is automatically sent to us. This means that your employee data are always up to date, which leads to a fast and accurate payroll calculation. We need hardly point out the time that this could save you, while at the same time minimising the risk of errors.

Added value from your HR administration

Get more added value from your HR administration. Your HR data help you make better decisions. You will indeed have up-to-date statistics at your disposal to support your business growth strategy.

Two packages to guarantee optimal payroll and personnel management

Depending on your needs and the complexity of your HR management, we can offer 2 packages: Officient Light or Officient.

Officient Light
comfoHRt, an all-in-one solution for your HR and payroll administration
Create new employees and manage personnel data
View, edit and email the record of working hours and absences
Display payslips and annual documents
Store documents for your employees
Fleet management
Optional integration with other software packages
Create and share business documents internally
Draw up contracts using templates and electronic signatures 
Production resource management
Create additional custom fields for your company
Add and monitor employee training courses and keep track of certificates
Organised storage of active software licenses
Conduct and share performance reviews
HR insights such as labour cost trend, absenteeism and more
Use of workflows to support HR processes such as onboarding

Officient Light

Officient Light gives your business support for several essential HR processes. Specifically, this package provides you:

  • A list of all employees (external staff included)
  • A digital personnel file for each employee
  • A central calendar displaying all approved holidays and working hours

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Officient is a comprehensive platform that gives your organisation 360° support for your HR processes and personnel administration. This formula provides a very broad range of solutions to help your HR administration run more efficiently.

Specifically, this tool offers you:

  • A list of all your employees
  • A digital personnel file for each employee
  • A record of holiday
  • Document management in a digital archive
  • Digital contract management
  • Performance review planning
  • Production resource planning
  • Monitoring of employee training courses
  • HR-insights for informed personnel decision-making
  • Creation and management of workflows
  • Extra fields in personnel files

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Officient testimonials

Els Brisau, HR & Finance, PILZ België 

Maarten Kesteloot, CEO, Influo

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