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What does an enterprise counter do for the self-employed?

Discover what you gain from an enterprise counter such as Securex

Do you want to start up as a self-employed person? Then you are well advised to consult the Securex enterprise counter. In addition to taking care of your registration in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, you can also come to us with all your questions and we will advise and assist you throughout your starting-up process.

Starting up as self-employed Find your enterprise counter

What is an enterprise counter?

An enterprise counter is a body that provides public services to companies in Belgium. The most commonly known service is the registration of a new enterprise in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE), but the counter also handles your application for a VAT number and you can go there to update company data in the CBE.

What is the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises?

The Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) is a database in which the FPS Economy collects all basic data on enterprises and their establishment units. This allows the government, but also other companies and organisations, to identify your business.

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Why call on an enterprise counter?

Before the establishment of enterprise counters such as Securex, you, as a self-employed person, were responsible for sorting out all administrative formalities. And that often took a lot of time and effort. Nowadays, you can very easily set up your business online or book an appointment at your local Securex enterprise counter and then we will do it together.

What does an enterprise counter do for you?

An enterprise counter helps you do business. We...

  • Check if you are ready to start your own business.
  • Register you in the CBE and get a company number.
  • Assist you with a raft of administrative formalities, such as activating a VAT number - if you so wish - or arranging permits, e.g. for FAVV or SABAM.

Tip: Get off to a smooth start with the starter packs from Securex. All essential elements for a carefree start are simply combined in one package.

Opting for Securex's enterprise counter

However, a good enterprise counter does more for you. That's why you can also come to the Securex enterprise counter for:

  • All your questions concerning your (future) self-employed status
  • Joining a social insurance fund and/or a social secretariat
  • Assistance in preparing grant application files
  • Training and a sounding board for improving your business 
  • Insurance advice for a risk-free life as a self-employed person

At Securex, we have a great deal of start-up experience: every year, 12,000 self-employed people join us. See for yourself how easy, safe and digital it is.

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