Catering sector

All the ingredients for successful personnel management in the catering sector

As an entrepreneur in the catering sector, you want to have a partner who understands and is familiar with your sector, and who can easily help you fulfil all your HR needs. We offer you an integrated approach that is fully tailored to the catering sector.

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Catering sector

How you benefit

  • You will have one fixed contact person who specialises in the catering sector, and who will assist you and provide information in a language that you understand
  • You can save time and money with our proactive approach
  • Hassle-free recruitment, planning, management and remuneration of personnel
  • User-friendly software, smart tools, and all the documents you need are always available at hand
  • An integrated approach to well-being and workplace insurance, along with HR training specifically tailor-made to the catering sector
A job in the catering sector is hardly a 'nine to five' job. Flexibility and speed in recruitment are therefore crucial.
Hassle-free recruitment
We will organise each and every one of your legal compliancesWe will enable you to easily employ students, extras and flexi-jobbers
Specially designed for the employer in the catering sector
Discounts on recruitment
Don't miss your discounts on the recruitment of your first six employees.
Personnel management
You can blindly rely on comfoHRt4horeca for the planning, management and remuneration of your personnel. comfoHRt4horeca is our all-in service package, available for a fixed monthly price without nasty surprises.
  • Our user-friendly software helps simplify your administration
  • Your personnel management shall be fully in conformity with the applicable legislation
  • We speak your language: not legal jargon, but all the prescriptions of the law translated into human language
  • You will be kept up-to-date concerning all available opportunities, to enable you to optimise your benefits
  • Are you aware of the 12 cost-saving measures of the catering sector? Our wage optimisation specialists guarantee you an optimal ratio between the highest net remuneration and the lowest gross wage cost
  • And finally: you can always consult your personal customer consultant. He specialises in HR for the catering sector.
For even greater comfort as an employer in the catering sector

Our user-friendly modular HRonline software allows you to select only those modules that you need for the personnel management of your enterprise.
  • For example, you will be able to grant your employees access in order to apply for leave of absence.
  • The data that you enter in the SHIFT IN/OUT app will automatically be synchronised with HRonline and vice versa
  • Choice of different tools for efficient personnel planning in the catering sector

Onze Externe Dienst vooOur External Service for Prevention and Protection at Work helps you to improve the health, safety and well-being of your employees, with extra attention to food safety. We also offer you solutions for short term as well as long term absences from work. These solutions range from medical checks to a do-it-yourself ABSENTEEISM TOOLKIT.
Opt for a safe and pleasant workplace catering:
  • Learn how to turn your business into a safe working environment through numerous free training films and brochures on hygiene, HoReCa machines and food safety
  • Follow our free food safety checklist and get your Smiley with ease
  • Train your employees quickly and efficiently in food safety and with the help of our videos, training courses and webinars, teach them how contamination can be prevented
  • Obtain guidance for a good policy on drugs, alcohol and smoking at work
  • Our approach to transgressive behaviour will eliminate violence, bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Get advice from our welfare lawyers
It is not possible to carry on a business without exposure to risks. A fire, a legal dispute with an employee, or a tax audit may all lead to many unforeseen costs. Securex insurance offers you protection.
Protect yourself, your business and your employees
  • Our Life@ease insurance is synonymous with an attractive supplementary pension, a guaranteed income in case of incapacity for work, and peace of mind for your loved ones in the event of death
  • Ensure that you will receive legal assistance if you ever have a legal dispute
  • Our tax legal assistance offers you protection against unforeseen costs in connection with tax audits
Horeca customer portal
All information, documents and tools tailor-made for the employer in the catering sector are compiled together in one place for your benefit.

Horeca HR Academy
In addition to general HR training, we also offer practical training courses, webinars and workshops on personnel management and well-being in the workplace tailor-made to the needs of the catering sector.

Brief inspections in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector
We identify social inspection campaigns for your sector. You may also always approach us to bring all your legal documents in order.
Have you already drawn up or updated your work regulations?
Horeca HR-café
A networking event for and by the catering sector. Here we combine utility with pleasure. We invite interesting speakers and update you on the latest social and legal news for your sector.
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