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Infino: your child benefit fund

Securex and Acerta have joined forces to form the Infino child benefit fund

Raising children is a full-time job. It is a challenge that Infino would be happy to help you with. You may contact Infino concerning your child benefit and your questions if any about parenting. You are assured of a flawless follow-up of your file and timely monthly payments. Infino will assist you in word and deed with their parenting.

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The ideal and complete solution for your family

As a parent you are entitled to child benefit. But not two situations are alike. Infino knows from experience that parents have many questions about this. The experts of Infino are there for you.

  • Your questions will be answered quickly by telephone, e-mail or at any of the Infino’s offices
  • Your child benefit and/or birth benefit (adoption) will be correctly paid, and in time
  • You will be kept informed of changes in legislation concerning your child benefit
  • If necessary, you will be quickly referred to the appropriate authorities

Apply for maternity pay  

How and when to apply for maternity pay?

First of all, congratulations! Enjoy this exciting time! A baby or newborn child also brings many practical questions with it: the nursery, child care (crèche), layette articles, maternity allowance and child benefit.

You can rely on Infino to help you

FAQ: Do you have any questions about child benefits?

How do I calculate my child benefit? What are the amounts to which I am entitled? What if there is a divorce or a change in your professional situation? How can I quickly contact the child benefit fund?

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Infino is here to advise and assist you and is happy to inform you about various relevant topics.

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At Infino we are there to help parents and children even better in a manner best suited to their needs. We provide our customers with the best possible service, correct payments and relevant advice.
Kathleen Vandenberghe
HR & Facility Manager Infino
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