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For efficient management of your additional staff

Hiring an occasional employee at the last minute? Or quickly submit a Dimona declaration? Take care of your employee administration with the IN/OUT app. This way you never lose focus on what really matters: the quality and service you provide to your customers.

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Why use our IN/OUT app?

  • Overview of your staff planning at a glance
  • Fast registration of occasional employees
  • Automatic Dimona declarations

Always and anywhere within reach

Thanks to the free IN/OUT app, you always have your staff management literally at hand. With this smartphone application you can add extra employees regardless of their status: flexi-jobber, student, (un)defined duration and even external workers such as interim employees.

Dimona declarations for one or more of your own employees are fully automated. And in the event of a labour inspection, you can always easily show who will be working in your establishment on which day. Smart signals also indicate if you have accidentally entered incorrect data. So nothing can go wrong.


  • Overview of your staff
  • Cancel a shift with a single click
  • Easily add new contracts
  • Choose from all available contracts
  • Register your employee data easily
  • Dimona declarations are done automatically
  • Our app notifies you of missing information proactively by e-mail

Extend your features


The app links you to Horeca@work. This allows you to quickly and easily check how many days your occasional employees can still work at the reduced rate.

Integration with your cash register

Together we look at whether the performance management of your staff can be simplified by integrating your registered cash register and using it as a time registration system.

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