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Legal expenses insurance

Your coverage when you get into a dispute with a (former) employee

A dispute with an employee is not unthinkable. Conflicts may arise during the employment relationship or when the contract ends. Together with ARAG, we offer you legal assistance insurance. This insurance covers your legal costs to defend your company in such a dispute.

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Your benefits

  • You benefit from full legal assistance which covers you in disputes under labour and social law as well as in criminal matters relating to employment
  • ARAG is the expert in legal expenses insurance
  • ARAG is independent and has no connection with other insurance companies
  • ARAG covers the costs and fees of the lawyer of your choice and reimburses the costs you have to pay for the judicial and extrajudicial procedures that are started against you. This contribution amounts to a maximum of € 10,000 per case for employment and social law and to € 50,000 per case for criminal defence.

Which risks are covered?

  • Disputes which are subject to the jurisdiction of the labour court and relate to labour law. When one of your employees objects to the termination of his employment contract, for example.
  • Disputes which are subject to social law, for example in the event of an award for unpaid social security contributions.
  • The criminal defence if you, as an employer, are summoned to appear before the criminal court on suspicion of violation of the law or violation of the regulations regarding the employment of employees, in particular the non-compliance with the Dimona obligation.
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