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Optimising your social status

Your company is doing well and your turnover is increasing every year, which leads to an increase of income. As a result, you are paying more taxes and social security contributions. The solution? Incurring costs. Or change your company form. Together we will check whether your legal form is still best suited to your activity and your growth.

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Why optimise your social status?

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PLCI: The Free Supplementary Pension for the Self-Employed

The most rewarding way to save for retirement.

  • Your premiums are recognised as professional expenses and are tax deductible
  • You build up a supplementary pension capital for a comfortable retirement
  • Your PLCI also provides you with insurance against incapacity for work and invalidity

Discover the advantages of the PLCI

From secondary occupation to main occupation

Are you short of time to manage your self-employed activity in combination with your main task as a wage earner? Then become self-employed as a main occupation. What are the consequences?

  • You lose your protection as a wage-earner, for example in case of illness
  • Your social security contributions increase
  • But: you also gain full benefit of your social status as a self-employed person

From a secondary to a main occupation

From a sole proprietorship to a company

When choosing to be self-employed, you also have to select a legal form. But why choose a company over a sole proprietorship?

  • For tax reasons: companies benefit from a more advantageous tax regime. You also decide on the allocation of your profits. So you can decide whether to pay yourself a salary or dividend or to invest.
  • For legal reasons: you make a clear distinction between your private assets and those of your company. Moreover, in the BV or NV form, your private assets are shielded from the company's debts.
  • For financial reasons: because a company often has a clearer financial structure, banks lend money more easily for investments

From sole proprietorship to company

Choose the business type that suits your situation

When choosing to be self-employed, you have to choose between a sole proprietorship and a company. But when would you consciously choose for a company?

Your Securex business coach helps you make the right choice. For example, when you:

  • Create a partnership with others
  • Want to involve multiple natural or legal persons in your company

Choose the right company form

Do you wish to optimise your social status?

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