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Social security for the self-employed

What are your social rights?

As a self-employed person, you pay social security contributions every quarter, regardless of your social status. Securex protects you against the hazards of life thanks to its social insurance fund. Discover your benefits below.

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What are your social rights as a self-employed person?

In Belgium, affiliation to a social insurance fund and to a health insurance fund is compulsory for all self-employed persons who are self-employed as a main occupation or who have a company. By paying social security contributions every quarter, you establish your right to social security.

In doing so, you benefit from protection and compensation that can be of great help depending on the situation you find yourself in.

Reimbursement of medical expenses

Regardless of whether a visit to the doctor or a more serious intervention is involved, the social security system for the self-employed reimburses the medical expenses of self-employed persons, as well as of their helper.

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Benefits in the event of illness or accident

An illness or an accident can prevent self-employed persons from working. And no work means no income! Social security provides an allowance for work incapacity. At Securex, we go even further by offering you an additional replacement income.

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Child benefits and childbirth allowance

Whether being an employee or self-employed, each Belgian parent is entitled to receive child benefits until their child reaches the age of 25 (under certain conditions). The amount of the benefit depends on the number of children, the age of the child and his or her actual situation.

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Maternity assistance and maternity benefit

Since 2017, young self-employed mothers are entitled to several benefits via their social insurance fund, such as: 105 free service vouchers, a childbirth or adoption allowance and exemption from social security contributions for the quarter following childbirth.

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Retirement pension

By paying their social security contributions throughout their career, self-employed persons are entitled to a statutory pension. However, this remains low and insufficient to maintain your standard of living. Securex offers you several supplementary pensions to help you enjoy your well-deserved rest.

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Survivor's pension and transitional allowance

A surviving spouse of a deceased self-employed person is entitled to a survivor's pension with the condition of having reached a minimum age (48 in 2021), or to a transitional allowance, if they have not. The amount received depends on the age of the survivor, the career and income of the deceased and the length of the marriage.

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Bridging allowance

The bridging allowance is a monthly allowance paid for a maximum of 12 months. It applies in the event of bankruptcy, but also in the event of forced cessation of activities. The self-employed person then retains some of his or her social rights without having to pay social security contributions.

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Payment for informal care

Self-employed persons who have to stop working totally or partially because of serious illness, a disabled child or to receive palliative care can apply for this monthly allowance, which is still not widely known.

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Join the Securex Social Insurance Fund

Whatever your age or personal situation, Securex supports you thanks to its Social Insurance Fund.

In addition to paying you all the legal social rights we have listed above, we go a step further by offering you additional insurance:

Choose peace of mind and security. Do you have any questions? Our experts will be happy to provide you with answers tailored to your personal situation.

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