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Accounting software for you and your clients

Tools for accountants, entrepreneurs and employers

Manage client data swiftly or creating helpful dashboards, these aspects are not a luxury today, but pure necessity. At Securex, you are at the right address. Thanks to our performing and easy digital tools, you can focus on tasks offering a high added value.

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MySecurex: the intuitive portal for accountants

MySecurex has been developed in favour of and with accountants such as you. You use it to manage your client portfolio in a very user-friendly way. As such, you do find all data in a clear and accessible way on only one platform. Add new clients, make simulations and exportations? All of this is possible. 

3 good reasons to work with MySecurex:

  • You report in real time or compare simulations, e.g., to optimize your social security contributions. If you wish so, you can also immediately make the necessary changes
  • In a few clicks, you will find all documents of your clients or easily adapt data
  • You obtain a global, complete and detailed overviewof each client account and your entire portfolio of self-employed workers. 

With MySecurex, you advise your clients even better. And did you also know that it saves you extra work? Because your clients can also log in onto their own account and follow the status of their requests.

Don’t you work with this tool yet? Ask us for a demo and taste the convenience for yourself. 

Get to work on your own account? Via 1 login, you can reach all your tools and current files.

Wage cost report

The wage cost report contains a dynamic pay synthesis which enables you to give easy advice to your clients employing staff. So, you have for example a good view on the global remuneration amount on which to calculate the holiday pay provision. And much and much more. As a partner, you will find the wage cost report within MySecurex. 

For your clients

Also within MySecurex you'll find links to all the available tools. Besides practical accounting software and useful tools for yourself, Securex offers you access to very interesting features for your clients.


Officient is an integrated and flexible HR platform for SMEs enabling employers to very easily manage their staff and their payroll.

Discover what Officient can mean for your clients

poweHR reporting

With poweHR reporting, clients registered at Securex create detailed HR reports. Your clients pour all their HR information into an easy dashboard to work smarter, in a more targeted and more performing way. 

Quickly navigate to poweHR reporting

Entrepreneurial portal MySecurex

Thanks to the entrepreneurial portal MySecurex, your clients can:

  • Consult their personal file (social status, social security contributions ...) without difficulty 
  • View the main documents at a glance
  • Obtain an overview of your company’s financial data
  • And more

Discover what your clients can do with the entrepreneurial portal MySecurex

Simulation tools

The fast processing of data is a must have. Thanks to high-performing and user-friendly digital tools, you focus yourself on tasks with higher added value.

Below, we focus on some of them for you, but we advise you to check the complete overview of the tools.

Gross-nett calculator

Nett-gross calculator

Calculate the notice 

With the help of a simulator, you discover which nett pay yourself, your employee, your client or the client’s employee will cash at the end of the month.

Switch swiftly from gross to nett

Would you like to know which gross pay your client should pay to obtain a particular nett amount, just navigate to our nett-gross calculator.

Switch swiftly from nett to gross

Easily calculate a notice for your own employee or one of your clients’? You can do it with this simulator.

Run a simulation

To the overview
At Securex, we work on a daily basis on better and cleverer tools

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