As an entrepreneur in the retail sector you have a business to run and that requires your full attention. The best solution for you would be to call in a specialist for all your HR matters. You can rely on us for a wide-ranging choice of services from personnel management and remuneration to social insurance, and from legal advice to training courses for retail employees.

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Our specialised approach to the retail sector will enable you to:
  • Recruit staff without worries
  • Manage and reward employees without worries
  • Create more well-being in the workplace
  • Protect yourself, your business and your staff
Do you employ permanent staff? Then you must be aware that a great deal of effort goes into finding the right employees and innumerable formalities have to be fulfilled during the recruitment process. We can advise you on this. And the legal obligations? We will take care of each and every one of these for you.
Do you also engage flexible employees? We have all the solutions in-house for smooth employment.
We recruit the following in our department, specially for you:
  • Enjoy a great discount on the largest recruitment platform for the retail sector in Belgium, thanks to our partnership with HELPIGO. Employers and employees can find each other here in just a few clicks.
  • You can register students and other temporary employees on your tablet or smartphone as they join and leave your organisation, in just a few clicks with the help of the SHIFT IN/OUT app. You can also integrate flex workers. The Dimona declaration is completely automatic. With a single glance, you can see which permanent and which flexible staff members are scheduled on which days. You are also free to decide on how to organise your registration via the app (e.g. per store or per team). A staff member doesn't show up for work? Then you can cancel his or her shift with just one click. Moreover, in case of employment audits, you can always easily prove who is and who is not working in your establishment on any given day. The app is fully synchronised with HRonline, our software package for personnel and payroll management.
  • Do you require an employment contract or job description for your new employee? Or an annex to your working regulations for night work keeping in mind your e-commerce operations? We will provide you with all the model documents that you require.
Personnel management
You are not an HR specialist, you have a business to run. Leave the planning, management and remuneration of your staff to a social secretariat that offers tailor-made solutions for the retail sector. With our comfoHRt4retail service package, we take over a number of your tasks and ensure that your personnel management always conforms to applicable legislation. And our user-friendly software greatly simplifies your administration.
Especially for you, in our personnel planning, personnel management & payroll department:
  • Your personal customer consultant with knowledge of the retail sector will take care of your monthly payroll calculations.
  • HRonline: user-friendly and modular software for managing your personnel and your payroll. You are entirely free to decide which modules you require and furthermore, you can grant employees access in order to apply for leave, for example.
  • Efficient tools for personnel planning have become indispensable. After all, the regulations regarding the organisation of labour are complex. And they get even more complex if you also participate in e-commerce. We have selected a number of solutions from specialised partners tailored to the retail sector. Find out about our solutions for the retail sector and discover which tool best suits your needs. As a Securex customer, you will receive a preferred rate.
  • Socio-legal advice in plain language, tailored to the retail sector. We ensure that your personnel files comply with applicable legislation. You can also contact us for advice on e-commerce and organisation of work in the retail sector.
  • With our wage optimisation services, we limit your wage costs to an absolute minimum. Our wage optimisation specialists guarantee you an optimal ratio between the highest net wages to the lowest gross wage cost.
  • We plan ahead for you! Has any of your employees been in employment for six months? Then we will automatically apply the correct salary scale. Not only will you be compliant when the time comes for a social contributions audit, your employee will also be satisfied. We monitor your growth and inform you of any budgetary implications that may result. We also regularly screen your workforce, so that you can take optimal advantage of each discount, subsidy or hiring premium from the government or other funds to which you are entitled Of course, we also take care of the administrative handling of all these matters, so that you can focus entirely on your business.
Create a positive and safe working environment with motivated, happy and healthy employees. You will improve the well-being of your employees with our External Service for Prevention and Protection at Work.
Are you facing employee absenteeism issues? Then trust our professional approach to absenteeism for both short and long-term absences from work. You can also rely on us for medical check-ups.
Especially for you from our welfare department:
  • In addition to a series of posters, training videos, brochures and checklists tailored to the retail sector, the free ‘Well-being in the retail sector' benefits package also includes manuals on food hygiene, handling of heavy loads, the use of ladders, fire prevention, and well-being at the workplace.
  • The Smiley is a nice quality label if you operate in the food sector. The government will also charge you a lower contribution if you acquire this label. Our free food safety checklist will give you a powerful advantage over others in achieving your Smiley!
  • In our training course on 'dealing with verbal aggression’, you will gain insight into aggressive behaviour and how to tackle it. Have any of your employees experienced a traumatic event? If so, you may opt for our Employee Assistance Programme.
  • With our Mentally Fit approach, we guide you on how to improve the psychosocial well-being of your employees.
  • We also help you to draft your policy on drugs, alcohol and smoking. Identify problems faster and tackle them more efficiently with structural measures.
  • Our Centre for Information and Documentation will provide you with legal advice on well-being in plain language.
  • Through our videos, training courses and webinars about food safety in the retail sector, you and your employees will learn about food contamination and what you can do to prevent it.
Doing business is never without risk. But our insurance packages ensure your protection. Our packages include multiple benefits, extensive cover, and tax optimisation.
Especially for you in our insurance department:
  • We offer you personal accident insurance apart from compulsory occupational accident insurance.
  • Build up a supplementary pension capital for yourself with our Life@Ease insurance package, to obtain insurance coverage in case you are rendered incapable of working. At the same time, your loved ones will also have peace of mind in the event of your death.
  • Legal disputes with employees cannot be ruled out. We offer you our legal expenses insurance to cover the same.
  • Our insurance for legal assistance in taxation matters offers you protection against tax audit expenses as well as the fees of your accountant.
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