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The foundations for successful HR management in the construction industry

HR solutions customised to your construction company

As the manager of a construction company, you are constantly investing in your firm and want to focus on the profitability of your business. That is why you require the assistance of specialists to further develop your HR policy. Our HR solutions are specifically tailor-made to the needs of the construction industry.

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The advantages of our specialised approach

  • Carefree recruitement
  • Manage and reward employees without worries
  • Create more well-being in the workplace
  • Protect yourself, your business and your staff


Recruiting the right employees does not always happen smoothly. We advise you concerning the formalities, organise compliance with all your legal obligations on your behalf, even in case you want to engage subcontractors or foreign employees.

Specially for you in our 'recruitment' toolbox

  • You will receive a discount on the recruitment platform par excellence for the construction industry.
  • Are you planning to recruit a subcontractor? If so, check our Construction client portal to see whether the contractor complies with its social security requirements, and whether you will be exposed to any risks.
  • If you recruit foreign employees, we will help you appoint a liaison officer, which is mandatory, and also help you arrange for the secondment documentation.
  • We can also provide you with a wide range of model documents, such as employment contracts, job descriptions, appendices to your work regulations, etc.

HR management

Each person does his own job best. You manage your construction operations, while we will take care of your HR management. You can count on us for organising the planning, management and remuneration of your staff. Our comfoHRt4construction service package is fully geared to the needs of your sector. We take over several of your tasks and ensure that your personnel managhrement is fully compliant with applicable legislation. And our user-friendly software greatly simplifies your administration!

Specially for you in our 'HR management & payroll' toolbox

  • Your personal customer consultant with intimate knowledge of the construction industry will take over your monthly payroll calculations.
  • Officient: user-friendly and easy to use for HR management. Officient is an all-in-one-tool designed to support you across your entire HR administration. With the self-service app, your employees can request holidays or edit their information.
  • The ISYPASS CONSTRUCTION and MOBILITY modules greatly simplify the administration of benefits and the calculation of the mobility allowance.
  • The IMPORT module enables you to easily upload the data from your existing time registration and/or planning system into Officient.
  • We have selected the best tools for recording attendance in the construction industry. Enquire about our preferential rate.
  • Our Reporting Corner enables you to dynamically monitor your labour costs at the cost centre, work site or employee level.
  • Our specialists can help you cut your labour costs without less pay to your employees, using a combination of cost-reducing measures, bonuses and alternative remuneration models.
  • Our handy tools enable you to independently register and monitor applications and declarations for temporary unemployment. If you desire, we would also be happy to take over this task from you.
  • Please feel free to contact us at any time for customised advice and service for the construction industry: administrative formalities, certificates, identity cards, eco-cheques and interventions in case your employees suffer long-term illness or an accident.


A safe worksite with motivated and healthy employees. That is what well-being in the workplace means in the construction industry.  We have with us, in-house, all the necessary knowledge, experience and solutions required to help you achieve that goal, in the form of our External Service for Prevention and Protection at Work. Our professional approach to absenteeism allows us to offer you specific solutions for short-term as well as long term absenteeism. With our Do-It-Yourself Absenteeism Toolkit, you have everything under control.

Specially for you in our 'well-being' toolbox

  • Our free 'Safety & well-being in construction' kit’ includes posters, brochures, training videos, risk checklists, manuals on how to correctly use equipment, as well as prevention and instruction sheets for all kinds of working conditions and requirements.
  • Participate in training courses customised to the construction industry: First aid, evacuation and stabilisation, safe working in the presence of asbestos, working with minimum stress on the back, the correct use of personal protective equipment, and working safely at heights.
  • Prevent transgressive behaviour and aggression through an action plan and thereby improve the psycho-social well-being of your employees.
  • Our training course entitled "Dealing with verbal aggression” will provide you with insights into aggressive behaviour and also teach you how to reverse it.
  • Have any of your employees nevertheless experienced a traumatic event? If so, you may opt for our Employee Assistance Programme.
  • We also help you with your drug, alcohol and smoking policies.
  • Finally, our Centre for Information and Documentation offers you legal advice on well-being.


Entrepreneurship is never free of risks, particularly in the construction industry. That is why we offer you various insurance packages to protect you, your employees and your company. The advantages? Extensive cover, tax optimisation, etc. Securex insurance offers you protection.

Specially for you in our 'insurance' toolbox

  • The 'accident at work' insurance, which is mandatory, offers protection to your employees in case of accidents, and ensures a smooth claims handling process.
  • You can provide additional protection to your employees under the ‘Supplementary law’ and ‘Private life’ collective insurance schemes.
  • The ‘Physical accidents’ personal insurance scheme offers you protection as a manager, during your professional as well as your private activities.
  • Our Life@Ease insurance package enables you to build up a supplementary pension capital for yourself and offers you protection in case of incapacity for work.
  • Under our legal assistance insurance, you are assured of our assistance and advice in case of legal disputes.
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