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Service vouchers

The service voucher sector is confronted with several challenges. That is why you are looking for a partner who can support you for all your human resources needs. Our experts are aware of the special circumstances of your sector. 

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The advantages of our service voucher solutions

  • A modular solution tailor-made to suit your sector
  • A dedicated team of specialised experts
  • Access to our customer portal, that offers a wealth of information and practical tools
  • Excellent service at a transparent and attractive price per employee
  • An external service for prevention and protection at work

Your HR software

The software has been developed with the help of specialists from the sector and provide you with support for all aspects of your work: contracts, planning, calculation of travel costs, etc. This enables you to keep everything under control and provides you with a complete and real-time overview of the performance of your company.

Our software application is an online solution and does not require installation, maintenance or a separate server.  This makes it possible for you to access it at any time, from anywhere, whether you are in the office or at a worksite.


  • It provides you with all the tools you require for the daily management of your company
  • It enables you to reduce your workload by automating tasks
  • As a result, you are free to concentrate on the work that is most profitable for you

HR management

Service voucher companies face many challenges relating to HR management: declarations to official bodies, family allowances, contact with the accountant, etc. Our experts take over this work from you, accurately calculate your salaries and wages, and ensure legal follow-up with government agencies.


  • You will reduce your workload
  • You will benefit from expert assistance in payroll matters
  • You prevent mistakes and loss of time with your administration

Employee health and safety

You are bound by law to help maintain the health of your service voucher employees. It is also a means by which they become bound to you, which encourages them to work efficiently. Occupational physicians, ergonomists, occupational hygienists, psychologists, etc. Our service for prevention and protection at work comprises a wide variety of specialists and offers the ideal support for your staff.

In addition to teams of experts, we also offer you an integrated vision of health and safety issues. From general strategy to concrete action points that can be applied in daily practice.


  • You are also assured of compliance with your legal obligations
  • You will motivate and retain your staff
  • You will increase your profitability since you will be delivering excellent work

Countering absenteeism

Sometimes service voucher employees lose motivation, become stressed or overworked, as a result of the difficulties they encounter during their work. This often increases absenteeism amongst employees.

We jointly develop an action plan with you, and help maintain the motivation level of your employees. We do this by identifying the main causes of absenteeism within your company. The result: lower employee absenteeism and higher profitability.


  • You are assured of higher profitability within your company
  • You improve the well-being and efficiency of your employees
  • You deliver better work to your customers
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