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Recruitment interview - 5 things to watch out for

Employers | 08 April 2020

Identifying the ideal candidate during a job interview is not as easy as it seems. To be effective, the process needs to be well-oiled. Here are our tips to help you make the right choice.

Ons dossier 'Eerste werknemer'
Recruitment interview - 5 things to watch out for
You've decided to take the plunge, you're going to hire your first worker. You've placed your advertisement and selected the best candidates. Now all you have to do is identify the perfect fit. But this isn’t just a mere formality for someone who is neither a human resources specialist nor a headhunter. So, here are 5 things to keep in mind if you want to maximise your chances of making the right choice.

#1 Put your candidates at ease

You are the recruiter, you will set the tone for the interview. So, be warm and friendly. This is how you will get candidates to open up and be honest. For example, offer them a coffee when they arrive, and then start the interview by introducing yourself, your company and the details of the position to be filled.

#2 Prepare a list of questions

To be effective, your interviews must be prepared. Make a list of the 5 or 6 questions you absolutely want to ask your candidates. This will make sure you do not forget anything, but above all you can compare the answers of your various interviewees. Remember, no trick questions, that's not the point. Find out about their background, their successes and failures, or their expectations for this new job. Don't hesitate to ask them one or two more informal questions. Not about their family situation or their state of health, of course - this is not allowed - but about their hobbies, for example.

#3 Re-direct the interview if necessary

Encourage your interviewees to ask as many questions as they wish, but stay alert. Some candidates may be particularly talkative, or try to go off on a tangent. If necessary, don’t hesitate to refocus the conversation. For example, take the time to explain your expectations, but also to address crucial issues such as pay or working hours.

#4 Summarise before closing

At the end of the interview, always carry out a short recap of what was said. This is the best way to check that you have understood everything or that you have not forgotten anything. If in doubt, ask a question again or ask for clarification. And, of course, let candidates know what the next step in the recruitment process is: will there be another interview or a trial run? When can they expect an answer from you?

#5 Give feedback

Don't be coy, even with applicants who haven't convinced you that they are right for the job. Make a point of telling them quickly of the outcome of their application. Those who have failed can  use this information in their ongoing job search. And who knows, you may come across some of them again in the future. 


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