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7 essential steps in a Belgian hiring process

Employers | 02 September 2020 | Written by Ju Tung Chiu

Have you, as foreign company, recruited an employee that will work in Belgium ? Than you must make sure that all legal matters are in order. Which are they?

7 essential steps in a Belgian hiring process
Have you recruited a person who lives in Belgium and who will mainly work in Belgium as well? Then the Belgian rules will apply. Social security and taxes will have to be calculated, declared, and paid in Belgium. 
Before you let this employee start in Belgium, you must, of course, make sure that all legal matters are in order. What legal matters are these?

1. Registration of your company in BelgiumThis is a very important step. You must register your company with the Central Database for Enterprises (CBE). This way, you will be granted a company number, which you must state on all official trade documents.
2. A valid Belgian labour contractIf the employee lives and works in Belgium, it is always advisable to conclude a Belgian contract because you will have to comply with the public rules of Belgian labour law. For example, working hours, probationary period, periods of notice, holidays, and the like.  
It does not allow for multiple interpretations or a mix of different legislations, which creates clarity for all parties, of course.
3. Taking out an industrial accident insuranceThe costs relating to an industrial accident can be high. These costs are not covered by general social security in Belgium. That is why you need to take out this insurance separately, so that your employee is insured for accidents that occur in the workplace or during the commute from day  1. 
4. Apply for an NSSO numberThis way, you are known to the Social Security bodies in Belgium.
5. Join a social secretariat (payroll processor) The Social Secretariat is the party that takes care of your payroll administration on a monthly basis and makes the correct calculations and declarations to the government. They also help with payroll and HR-related questions.
6. Join an External Service for Prevention and Protection at Work (occupational medicine) As an employer, you must join an External Service for Prevention and Protection. Naturally, you want your employees to stay healthy and enjoy a safe working environment. By increasing well-being in the workplace, your employees are maximally deployable and contribute to your business objectives. 
7. Drawing up labour regulationsThe labour regulations are a mandatory document in Belgium laying down the rules within a company. It is a practical translation of the agreements as stated in the labour contract. In concrete terms, this concerns rules with regard to illness and leave, for example, or how the work schedules are set up. It also contains a lot of legal information, such as the legal notice periods.
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