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be.lance – International payroll in Belgium

Launch your business successfully in Belgium from abroad

Looking for a payroll and HR partner to help expand your business in Belgium? be.lance asissts you with administrative tasks, legal obligations and payroll management, which helps you to focus on your strategy and core business.

Launch your business in Belgium

Why choose be.lance?

  • All your HR services under one umbrella, supported by an entire team of HR experts
  • Highly experienced in international employment, split payroll and wage calculations
  • All communication conducted in English, French and/or Dutch

Staff hiring in 3 simple steps with be.lance

Due to different regions and authorities, Belgium might not be the easiest country when it comes to starting a business or recruiting personnel. Having a local partner can make all the difference, helping you navigate any administrative hurdles along the way.

Launching a business with new staff is easy thanks to be.lance:

  • After analysing your business plans, we will send you a tailor-made offer. Once approved, we’ll start up the process.
  • We take care of the administrative side of things, for example: 
  • We offer all the necessary HR-services and legal support, along with vital connections to: 
  • Finally, we help you become acquainted with Officient, a user-friendly and versatile HR platform, prior to receiving your first wage calculation
Want to know more? Download our be.lance brochure

Discover everything about our comprehensive approach for employers abroad, along with why international companies choose to rely on us. This brochure provides more information on the (international) HR solutions tailored to you and your company.

Our approach

You can count on our expertise: 

Enjoy our personalised approach

At be.lance, our team of HR experts will guide you through the entire start-up process. . You are then free to contact them with any questions you may have, offering peace of mind whenever you cross borders with your company.

Once the start-up process has been successfully completed, our team of HR experts will: 

  • Provide monthly payroll, salary split and HR administration support 
  • Act as your first point of contact for any questions, putting you in touch with the right people in our organisation should you experience any complex issues 

You will also receive regular updates regarding the progress of your dossier, keeping you up to date with any developments, along with what else needs to be done.

Looking for a global HR partner?

Securex is so much more than just a recognised social security provider. We support you throughout the development and expansion of your international business. In addition to staff administration and payroll calculations, we also keep a watchful eye on: 

  • Prevention and well-being of employees
  • Talent development 
  • Business protection through insurance
  • Reducing wage costs 

You heard that right: Securex provides everything under one umbrella!  

Together, with our more than 100 years of experience, we take your HR policy to the next level.  

In numerical terms? Today, our experts advise customers across 28 Belgian offices and provide the best possible service to more than 57,000 businesses every day. We are also active in the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Spain, so if you are on the lookout for a new international partner, you have come to the right place. 

Social representative

As a foreign company without a Belgian legal entity, you are required to designate a person residing in Belgium. This person, who is given the title of ‘sociaal mandataris’, acts as your company's contact in Belgium for any social obligations.

We got you covered

What does a social representative do?

  • Notifies the authorities that this person represents your company in Belgium 
  • Receives documents from Belgian social security institutions and tax authorities 
  • Stores and updates social documents for five years following any cessation of activities in Belgium 
Successfully launch your business in Belgium from abroad L

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