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The Visio 360 portal

The platform that centralises all your business information

Thanks to Securex’s Visio 360 portal for entrepreneurs, you can consult your personal file (social status, social security contributions, etc.), obtain an overview of your business’s financial data linked to your affiliation to our social insurance fund, and keep up to date with socio-legal news. 

Visio 360 centralises all the detailed information you need regarding your social status. You can also easily carry out a simulation of your turnover and social security contributions in order to be prepared for the future. 

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Visio 360 provides

  • a customised portal
  • centralised data
  • an overview of your figures
  • access to your important documents
  • an easy-to-manage account
  • a user-friendly platform

A customised portal for entrepreneurs

Life as a self-employed person is never smooth. Therefore, entrepreneurs are always looking for tools to manage their daily tasks in an efficient, fast and organised way

Visio 360, a portal created by the self-employed for the self-employed, is one such tool. This versatile tool with its different functionalities evolves with you, according to your needs. For example, it allows you to: 

  • centralise your customer data 
  • have an overview of your business’s financial data 
  • quickly access important documents 

Thanks to our portal for the self-employed, you can spend more time on your core business and work more efficiently with partners such as Securex and your accountant. 

Centralised data

With Visio 360, you can easily consult all the data relating to your file. You have access to your contract and business information. The portal also allows you to change your social status quickly and free of charge. Convenient, isn't it?

Overview of your business’s financial data

With Visio 360, you can quickly assess whether the social security contributions you pay are in line with your business turnover or income. Do you have any doubts or do you want to optimise your social security contributions? Run a simulation and check what you should be paying. No more complicated calculations! 

  • Your income as a self-employed person 
  • Your social security contributions 
  • Your financial reserves (balance) 
  • Your payments to and refunds from Securex

And if you are going through a difficult period, the portal also allows you to apply for a bridging allowance

Access to your important documents

As a self-employed person, you are also responsible for managing your administration. A necessary evil that Visio 360 also simplifies. The portal allows you to consult and/or request important documents, such as: 

  • your identification documents 
  • invoices from the social insurance fund 
  • your documents relating to the Infino family allowance fund 
  • your career attestation 
  • your bank statements 

An easy-to-manage account

Managing your personal data has never been easier. Thanks to full integration, we are immediately informed of any changes to your data (address, status, marital status, etc.). 

The portal is also the ideal place to submit your requests, such as for: 

  • a bridging allowance 
  • an exemption from your social security contributions 
  • a deferred payment of your social security contributions 
  • the cessation of activity certificate 

In short, Visio 360 considerably simplifies your business's administration

A user-friendly platform

Do you need an account to register?

No, for the sake of convenience, you do not need a username or password. You can simply register via eID or via itsme.

Connecting via eID

You will need your electronic identity card (eID), your PIN code, an eID card reader and the eID software installed on your computer. More information about installing the eID software can be found on the authorities' website

To connect, follow these steps

  1. Click on the button 'Identification with an eID card reader'.
  2. Connect your eID card reader to your computer. 
  3. Insert your eID into the card reader. 
  4. Click on 'Log in'. 
  5. Choose a certificate in the window that now opens. 
  6. Enter the PIN code of your identity card.

Congratulations! You are now connected to the Visio portal.

Connecting via itsme®

You will need a valid itsme® account and the itsme® application installed on your smartphone. More information about installing itsme® can be found on the itsme® website

To connect, follow these steps

  1. Click on the 'Identification via itsme®' button.
  2. Enter the mobile phone number with which you created your itsme® account and click on the Send button. 
  3. Open the itsme® application on your smartphone. 
  4. A message will appear at the bottom of your screen. Press on 'Log in'. 
  5. A new screen will open with information about your shared data. Press the Confirm button. 
  6. Enter your PIN code or use your fingerprint. 

Congratulations! You are now connected to the Visio portal.

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