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Which channels do you use to find the ideal first employee?

Employers | 15 January 2020

When recruiting your first employee, you don't always know where to start. Where do you publish an advertisement, how do you advertise, how do you source candidates...? We will explain all the options available to you.

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Which channels do you use to find the ideal first employee?
The good old-fashioned method of publishing a job advertisement in the newspapers is no longer in fashion today. In order to recruit effectively, you need to use all the communication tools at your disposal. Here is a short step-by-step guide to help you find the ideal candidate.


#1 Write the advertisement

Whichever channel you use, it is important to write an advertisement that stands up to the test and, above all, attracts people. It is not enough to simply copy and paste a job description and hope it works. Describe the job, the goals, the personality you are looking for. Briefly state the benefits you offer (holidays, working from home, car etc.). The rule is to be concise so that the candidate reads the advertisement to the end.
Use a tone appropriate to the position. An accountant is not addressed in the same way as someone creative or a community manager. If your company has a start-up mentality, you can slip a spot of humour and lightness into your advertisement to make it even more attractive.

#2 Publish on job sites

Once written, your advertisement still needs to be published. Use the traditional channel of job boards. There are official and free sites such as Actiris, Forem or the VDAB. You can also use commercial sites (Indeed, Monster, Stepstone, Jobat, References, etc.). Generally, publication is free of charge, but there may sometimes be a small fee to promote your advertisement for example. If you do not, your ad will be gradually swamped by others. It will still be in the search results, but in a worse position.

#3 Share on social networks

Use the voice of social networking to let people know you are recruiting. Share your ad on every social network. LinkedIn, the professional network, is the most suitable for this, but Facebook or Instagram (for more creative profiles) can be very useful for reaching a large number of potential candidates quickly.
Thanks to LinkedIn, it is also possible to source candidates. This means that you can search for profiles that meet your criteria. If the “I'm listening” feature is activated, you will be able to contact them directly and suggest them to apply.
Don't hesitate to work on your “employer branding”. Your employer branding is very important on social networks to position yourself in the battle for talent and make sure that rare pearl comes to you rather than your competitor.

#4 Use your real-life network

It's not just about social networks, it's also your real-life network. Family, friends, acquaintances at the gym or in an association ... these are all people who may know someone who might be interested in what you are offering.

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