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Five tips to promote wellness at work

Employers | 06 May 2020

The labour market remains tight in many sectors. So much so that hiring and retaining employees has become a real challenge in many sectors. So, you have everything to gain by looking after your employee’s wellness. Here are the steps to follow.

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Five tips to promote wellness at work

When it's time to hire your first employee, it's very useful to think about establishing a wellness plan within your company.

By making employees happier at work, they are sick half as much, six times less absent and, above all, nine times more loyal.
American agency GALLUP

#1  Create a safe environment

Fulfilment implies feeling safe, both physically and mentally. Your wellness plan should include all the safety instructions relating to the use of machines, as well as the health regulations - very important for proper management post-coronavirus - and of course the procedures to be followed in the event of a fire, for example.
Don't leave your new recruit to fend for themselves. Don't just hand them documentation. Instead, explain the various instructions and make sure they have been properly understood.

#2  Organise a proper welcome

Just as important as a sense of security is a sense of belonging. This will also help you to motivate and retain your new employee. After all, what could be more pleasant than working in a friendly atmosphere?
Set the tone right from the start by organising a warm welcome. Show them around the premises, familiarise them with the work tools and explain your role in the activity.

#3  Offer prospects for development

Being able to see the way ahead is essential. So don't hesitate to discuss the question of development with your new worker as soon as they arrive. Introduce them to the training that will enable them to move up the ladder and develop their skills. With digitalisation, the world of work is constantly changing. Regular updating is therefore essential.

#4  Play the autonomy card

According to the latest national happiness survey conducted by the University of Ghent, only 55% of Belgians believe they have sufficient autonomy at work. And the trend is likely to continue, with the younger generation aspiring to more trust from and cooperation with their managers.

So set realistic goals with your employee and take stock of the situation on a regular basis. For the rest of the time, let them organise themselves as they see fit, while remaining available in case of problems.

#5  Regularly sound out your employee

Exchanging has become crucial in business. Give feedback to your employee as often as possible, but above all, listen to them. This is an opportunity to find out what helps them function positively or negatively, and to identify possible improvements. This will ensure that they remain involved in the development of the company and therefore motivated!

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