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Our employees

Your professional fulfilment is our priority

At Securex, we invest in each of our employees and support them throughout their careers.

Our employees

Securex wants to offer its clients an exceptional experience. But to achieve this, we are convinced that our greatest strength is our employees. Today, we have more than 1,700 experts who work together every day to innovate, create and support each of our clients and partners. Each day, they use their experience, knowledge and skills to serve those who need them. 

So it’s important for us to take care of them.

At Securex, we want to offer our employees a stimulating and lasting experience. We invest in their learning and development, as well as their future. We listen to their needs and make every effort to support them in their careers.

We also commit to offering them a stimulating and innovative work environment in which they can collaborate, progress, blossom and even shine. After all, their success is our success. 

Our values

Securex has been in existence for 115 years, so it has 115 years of stories and experiences. A wonderful history! We were founded in Ghent in the textile industry, but today we are present on a European scale in many sectors. Securex is an organization where experts with very different experience and cultures work together. 

However, 5 values unite us today and guide each of our actions: team spirit, trust, respect, commitment and excellence. You might say these are obvious... Maybe. But each of these values are part and parcel of our behaviour, our projects and the interactions we have with our colleagues as well as our clients and partners.

Our leaders

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Do you think you are a good match for Securex? Do you believe that Securex could enable you to blossom and find your path? Please feel free to look at our job openings. Because we may need someone like you!

Any questions? Our employees will be delighted to help you!

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