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Apply for your VAT number

How to easily activate your VAT number

Are you applying for your VAT number? This can easily be done when activating your company number. Find out why it’s so important for you to have an active VAT number from day one of starting as an entrepreneur and how you can easily apply for one via a Securex business counter.

Apply for your VAT number through Securex

Procedure for your VAT number

Virtually every company is subject to VAT. This means that you charge your customers VAT and pass it on to the tax authorities. By the same token, you and your VAT liable sole proprietorship or company avoid paying VAT on goods or services that you purchase for your company - the well-known VAT deduction.

As soon as you start doing business, you will therefore need a VAT number. The number identifies your company to the tax authorities. When you request your company number, you can immediately request the activation of your VAT number. In this way, you kill two birds with one stone and can immediately make purchases in the name of your business and send out invoices from day one. As soon as your VAT number is active, it will be published at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) and your customers and suppliers can easily verify your VAT information online.

How much does a VAT number cost?

Activating your VAT number at the CBE costs €60 (excluding VAT) as a one-off fee.

Difference between VAT number and company number

In common parlance, the terms VAT number and company number are used interchangeably, but they are not quite the same. The company number is your company's formal identification code. 

Since 2003, you can have this number activated as a VAT number, whereby it fulfills a twofold purpose. As soon as your company number has been activated as a VAT number at the CBE, you can start issuing invoices and incur tax-deductible business expenses.

It may sound confusing, but keep things simple for yourself and request your VAT and company number in one step via the Securex enterprise counter.

Apply for your VAT number

An enterprise counter will help you register your company with the CBE and immediately arrange for VAT activation. Thus, you can sleep peacefully.


  • Find out whether your company is subject to VAT and therefore needs to apply for a VAT number.
  • Your VAT number will be activated on the basis of your company number.
  • The activation of your VAT number costs €60 (excl. VAT). 
Apply for your VAT number via the a Securex business counters in your area

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