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Four new support zones in Flanders from 1 November 2024

From 1 November 2024, the three existing support zones in the Flemish region will be replaced by four new support zones and for a period of six years. So good news for employers who invest in such support zones. This is because they enjoy a reduction in labour costs when they create new jobs through their investments.

22 April 2024

Disclaimer. The English translations provided herein are generated by artificial intelligence from Dutch and French content. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee that the translations will be error-free. The translated content is for readability purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice. For accurate information, employers and HR professionals are advised to consult the original versions in Dutch or French, or to consult your Securex Legal Advisor.

Is this measure already official?

No, the measure has been announced by the Flemish government but not yet enacted into law.

Why were support zones created?

Support zones are “disrupted” zones delimited by the Regions. They are disrupted because several closures and collective redundancies took place in the past.

Companies that invest in such’a support zone receive a reduction in their wage costs under conditions. In this way, support zones contribute to boosting the economy and protecting employment.

What does this labour cost reduction look like?

The labour cost reduction consists of a partial exemption from withholding tax on wages of 25% for two years for employers who:

  • Invest in a defined support zone
  • And create new jobs as a result

Learn more about the conditions (content available in Dutch and French)

What support zones are there in Flanders?

The current support zones

Today the following three support zones have been demarcated in Flanders :

  • Support zone around Ford Genk
  • Support zone around the Philips site in Turnhout
  • .
  • Support zone around Zaventem- Vilvoorde

The support zones around Genk and Turnhout are applicable until 31 October 2024.

The support zone around Zaventem and Vilvoorde until 31 May 2028.

Learn more about the validity period of the current support zones (content available in Dutch and French)

Proposed support zones from 1 November 2024

Flemish Minister of Economy and Employment Jo Brouns wants to start the procedure to demarcate new support zones, as the end of the application period of two of the three Flemish support zones is approaching.

The four new zones will be located in:

  • Limburg (zone around Lanaken)
  • The Kempen (Turnhout-Beerse area)
  • The Antwerp-Brussels axis (zone at the City of Antwerp and zone in Machelen-Vilvoorde)
  • West Flanders (zone around Wielsbeke)

New compared to the existing support zones is the introduction of a fourth support zone in West Flanders. The other support zones will be redrawn.

Not yet official

The Flemish government's announcement of the four new support zones is still conditional. The federal government must first define the support zones. Only then can the scheme proposed by the Flemish government take effect from 1 November 2024.

And what about the support zones in Wallonia?

Currently, there are no proposals to demarcate new support zones in Wallonia. Indeed, the support zones located in the Walloon Region still have a validity period until 30 April 2027.

Is my company located in a support zone?

The Flemish Region integrates the delimitation of the support zones in the web application geopunt. This application offers the possibility to look up whether a certain address or cadastral plot number falls within a support zone.

What does Securex do for you?

Is your business within a support zone? Then it is interesting to check whether you meet the conditions of the tax exemption for support zones. Securex can then calculate this exemption for you.

Do you still have questions about this tax exemption? Then email your Securex Legal Advisor at myHR@securex.be and we will be happy to help you.


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