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Unemployment with company supplement scheme (early retirement) : indexation on 1 May 2024

Due to the overshoot of the pivot index, certain amounts on the unemployment with company supplement (SWT/RCC) scheme, the former early retirement pension and the half-time early retirement pension were indexed on 1 May 2024.

10 May 2024

Disclaimer. The English translations provided herein are generated by artificial intelligence from Dutch and French content. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee that the translations will be error-free. The translated content is for readability purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice. For accurate information, employers and HR professionals are advised to consult the original versions in Dutch or French, or to consult your Securex Legal Advisor.

This has a direct impact on the calculation of unemployment benefits, on the company allowance and on the amount of the personal deduction for social security. 

You should, however, distinguish between early retirement pensions starting on 1 May 2024 and early retirement pensions started before this date.

The SWT/RCC that commenced before 1 May 2024

For those employees who were already in an SWT/RCC before this date, the amount of unemployment benefits and that of the company supplement will simply be indexed by 2%.

The SWT/RCC effective from 1 May 2024

The new amounts to take into account are as follows:

Threshold of gross pay to determine net reference pay

  • 5,047.06 euros for the SWT (previous amount: 4,948.01)
  • 2,523.53 euros for the half-time early retirement pension (previous amount: 2,474.00)

These thresholds only apply if no other thresholds are applied in your sector.

Threshold of gross pay to calculate unemployment benefit

  • 2,821.10 euros per month and 108.5040 euros per day for SWT (previous amounts: 2,765.74 and 106.3745)

Maximum amount of monthly unemployment benefit

  • 1,692.60 euros per month and 65.10 euros per day for the SWT (previous amounts: 1,659.32 and 63.82)
  • 846.30 euros per month and 32.55 euros per day for the half-time early retirement pension (previous amounts: 829.66 and 31.91)  

Thresholds for the application of the personal deduction to the SWT

  • 1,814.34 euros without family charge (previous amount: 1,778.73)  
  • 2,185.40 euro with family burden (previous amount: 2,142.51)

Thresholds for the application of the personal deduction on the half-time early retirement pension

  • 907.16 euros without a family charge (previous amount: 889.36)
  • 1,092.70 euros with family burden (previous amount: 1,071.26)
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