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Confidential advisor - Refresh course and supervision

Sharpen your knowledge in the field of psychosocial well-being

Legislation changes and new insights lead to new procedures. In this refresher course you will receive information about legislation and procedures, but there is also room to exchange experience with other confidential advisors. This training is necessary to meet your annual obligation.

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During this training

After this five-day course:

  • Learn how to better care for colleagues with psychosocial problems
  • Discover how to improve well-being in your organization
  • Refresh your knowledge of legal procedures and study new case studies in order to deal effectively with conflicts


This training consists of 2 modules:

1. Theoretical module: in this module we go deeper into the different procedures and techniques. We offer you different themes to choose from:

  • Conversation techniques: ‘'back to basics' - using role plays, practicing conversations with applicant, accused and third party in your role as confidant 
  • Connecting communication: communication & conversation techniques based on the principles of connecting communication
  • Stress & Burn-out: concepts around stress & burnout, recognizing stress & burnout and the role of the confidant herein
  • Increasing resilience: introduction to the various tools the confidant can use to make stress manageable and increase resilience
  • Solution-focused communication: sources of help & power for the confidant, roles & communication patterns in conflict situations using the drama triangle
  • Dealing with emotion: responding correctly to strong emotions, sharing experiences with other confidants and ways to handle these strong emotions and maintain sufficient distance
  • Suicide prevention: when confronted with signs in a conversation, how can I further question the issues and offer support as a confidant?
  • Referrals: get acquainted with the structure, functioning and tasks of the Flemish Centers for Mental Health Care. This way you will be able to refer colleagues to specialized help in a more targeted way
  • Role of trustee in a legal framework: responsibilities of the trustee and the other parties within the welfare law

These themes are not reworked annually, but every 3 years so you have the opportunity to take multiple themes.

2. Practical module: supervision/intervision. This module is identical for all our continuing education courses, regardless of the chosen theme of the 1st module.

During this supervision/intervision, the following points are covered:

  • Experiences of fiduciaries from other companies and sectors
  • Strict intervision model with clear agreements around confidentiality and discretion
  • Content of complaints, successive steps and attitude of the confidant

Prior Knowledge

Before you can take this course, you must have completed the "Confidential Advisor - Basic Training" course.


The syllabus for this course will be sent to you in advance via email. So be sure to check your mailbox.

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