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Confidential advisor : basic training

Solving psychosocial problems in the workplace efficiently

As confidential advisor, you have a responsible role with an impact on the well-being of colleagues. The law on psychosocial risks at work requires confidential advisors to take a basic training course. After this officially recognized course, you will have learned to react quickly and correctly to violence, harassment, and other delicate issues.

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Securex has been officially recognized by the FPS Employment, Labour, and Social Dialogue to provide this training course (in accordance with the Royal Decree of 10.04.2014).

During this training

After this five-day course:

  • You will be able to spot psychosocial risks at work
  • You comply with the training requirement in accordance with the law on psychosocial risks at work (Royal Decree of 10.04.2014)
  • You will know your responsibilities
  • You will be aware of how to work optimally with the prevention advisor for psychosocial well-being at work
  • You will act as point of contact for psychosocial problems, mediate efficiently, and provide appropriate support for victims


During the training course, themes such as violence, bullying, and other psychosocial risks will be covered. The following points will be discussed during this training:

  • Your responsibilities: psychosocial risks (sources, risk factors, consequences, and prevention measures)
  • The legal framework: content, tasks, procedure, administrative elements, and ethics
  • The parties involved: offender, victim, colleagues, managers
  • Interviewing skills: counselling and mediation interviewing techniques with the petitioner and the accused
  • You train in these practical skills using exercises and role-playing

Prior information

No specific prior information or knowledge is required for this training.


The syllabus for this course will be sent to you in advance by email. So, don’t forget to check your mailbox.

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