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Assessment Center

The right person for the job

You  want to be certain that your new employees have the right skills and assume the role that suits them best. Our Assessment Centre gives an analysis and evaluation of the candidate. This produces a clear picture of the candidate and indicates the strength of his or her match with your job. Which, in turn,  enables you to make the right decision.

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Assessment Center
Why choose our Assessment Center?
  • You get an analysis and evaluation of your candidate, enabling you to hire the right candidate
  • You know the interests and talents of your candidate and can tell if they match the job
  • You know your candidate's development potential
  • You are aware of your candidate's development needs
  • Your new employee will be motivated and perform well
  • You have a reliable partner, certified under the Federgon RSS quality label

Our Assessment Centre allows you to make well-informed decisions about new employees. You get a good picture of their personality, talents and motivation.

Our approach
The consultants at the Assessment Centre give a clear picture of the candidate in the light of a particular job or role. They use a variety of methods to achieve this:
  • Tests
  • Simulation exercises
  • Questionnaires
  • In-depth interviews
Afterwards, you and your candidate receive:
  • Constructive verbal feedback
  • An integrated report
  • Quantitative and qualitative analyses
  • Expert advice
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