Starting as a freelancer

Going freelance [Webinar]

Freedom beckons as a freelancer, but it’s best to prepare properly. What formalities do you have to deal with and what about your business, bookkeeping or your status as a self-employed worker? In this webinar we explain all the possible barriers and answer your questions honestly. That way you know exactly what to expect as a freelancer and can move forward.

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Going freelance [Webinar]
What will you find out during the Start2Freelance webinar?
  • What form should you start with: company or one-man business?
  • How are you paid and what about your taxes?
  • How can you protect yourself?
  • And much more.

30 minutes

Target group

Starting freelancers


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This webinar is part of Start2Freelance and is for everyone who is thinking about starting work as a freelancer. Have you already got a specific job lined up and would you like to start quickly? Or are you looking for useful information about how best to approach this?

Currently the free sessions only exist in Dutch or French.

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