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The cafeteria plan

Menu of non-statutory benefits

With a cafeteria plan you can offer your employees a flexible salary package without affecting your budget. It's a win-win situation: it helps your company retain its employees and gives your employees personal choice in the matter of non-statutory benefits.

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The cafeteria plan
Why set up your cafeteria plan with Securex?
Advantages for you
  • You stay on budget
  • You offer a competitive salary
  • You improve your employee retention and motivation
  • You have an effective tool to manage your cafeteria plan
Advantages for your employees
  • They enjoy a flexible salary
  • They get a personal choice in their non-statutory benefits
  • They get to change their benefits every year
  • They enjoy greater purchasing power
The principle
What is a cafeteria plan?

A cafeteria plan lets you set a budget, with which your employees get to choose from a menu of benefits. It allows them to pick their own non-statutory benefits for a given period and to change them annually to suit their needs.

Our approach
How to set up a cafeteria plan?

There are five stages to setting up a cafeteria plan:

Our tool
How do I manage my cafeteria plan?

The management tool can be used to keep an eye on your cafeteria plan. This is because your employees use the tool to choose their benefits.

It offers two huge advantages:

  • It gives your employees details on the non-statutory benefits and alternative salary options (net salary, extra holidays, pension savings, etc.) available to them in their budget and helps them with their choices. As your employees' needs are likely to change from year to year, the cafeteria plan allows them to change benefits of all kinds on an annual basis.
  • It reduces the administrative burden on your HR staff, and offers potential for reports, such as exporting the benefits chosen.

FAQs on the cafeteria plan
1. Does the cafeteria plan imply more administrative work for my employees?

No, we walk your employees through the plan. We take care of everything. We make sure the communication is perfect, so that everything is crystal clear. The tool automates the choices and contracts. We can even deal with the benefits ourselves. In short, our experts give you all the advice and practical help you need to bring about the biggest possible reduction in your workload.

Discover the details of our approach to the cafeteria plan.

2. How many non-statutory benefits does Belgian law allow?

The Belgian tax system allows about thirty benefits, covering everything from insurance policies to smartphones. You can generally narrow the choice down to about 5 to 7 benefits, while still offering an attractive package of non-statutory benefits and keeping things simple for HR.

3. Are cafeteria plans only meant for large companies? Are SMEs allowed to have them?

Cafeteria plans are traditionally found in large companies, which have been offering flexible plans based on a "menu of benefit choices" since the 1970s. But they are just as suitable for SMEs with fewer than ten employees.

The only condition is that your salary policy should be compatible with the implementation of a cafeteria plan.

Discover all the ways to optimise your wage costs here.

4. Our company doesn't use Securex for payroll administration services. Can we ask Securex to set up a cafeteria plan anyway?

The cafeteria plan we offer integrates with any payroll administration software on the market.

Discover how to introduce a cafeteria plan in five stages or get in touch with us.

We qualify the collaboration with Securex on this project as highly professional and a fine experience. Without your help, we would never have achieved such a fluent and successful implementation of the cafeteria plan. For those who still hesitate to start a cafeteria plan with Securex: stop reflecting, just go for it! Johan De Vlieger CEO – Bostoen
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