Understand, predict and minimise your wage costs

4 ways to reduce labour costs

Our salary optimization solutions

Salary costs weigh heavily on your budget. However, solutions exist: Warrants, the bonus plan (CLA 90), the cafeteria plan and the Screening R&D.

Discover how we can help you optimize your labour costs, increase the attractiveness of your business, and boost the motivation of your workers!

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4 ways to reduce labour costs
The benefits of salary optimization with Securex
  • You meet your budget
  • You encourage staff motivation and loyalty
  • You are sure that the pay package you offer is optimal
  • You avoid unnecessary expenditure
Our solutions to help you optimise your salary costs
Simulation – Bonus warrants

Warrants enable you to reward your staff whilst optimizing your wage costs. Request a simulation!

Ask for a simulation
The salary bonus plan (CLA 90)

The bonus plan (CLA 90) allows you to offer your employees a salary premium while paying 33% less charges than you would for a traditional pay bonus. Discover the benefits!

Discover the salary bonus plan (CLA 90)
The cafeteria plan

The cafeteria plan offers your employees a menu of benefit choices and boosts their purchasing power at the same time. Discover the advantages!

Discover the cafeteria plan
Retention tax on R&D exemption

Did you know that you qualify for partial exemption from retention tax on some R&D projects? Benefit from this advantage thanks to the Screening R&D!

Discover the Screening R&D
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