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Wage benchmark

The Securex wage benchmark solution in collaboration with Berenschot

Do you have doubts about the salary level for a specific job designation? Do you want to compare your salary levels with those of other companies? Do you need to implement a general wage increase and do you want to know the trends? If so, come to Securex for advice. In collaboration with Berenschot, we help you determine a competitive salary for your employees that also conforms to market practices.

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Wage benchmark
Why use the Securex and Berenschot wage benchmark?
Benefits for you as an employer
  • You save time
  • You can keep abreast of the latest wage trends
  • Your wages are commensurate with market rates, leading to higher employee retention
Benefits for your employees
  • They receive a salary package based on market rates and the post that they hold
  • They feel valued and respected
  • Their motivation to continue working for you is maintained
The Securex wage benchmark solution enables you, the customer, to fix and communicate the remuneration for your various posts correctly and in line with market rates.

The wage benchmark helps you quickly and easily understand the remunerations for specific jobs, and to compare the remuneration you pay against the remuneration paid by other companies, and in the market as well.

Our range of offerings
Securex offers several solutions:
You can compare the salaries of individual or multiple posts to each other. This is possible across various regions, segments, activities or sectors. 
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