Advice and guidance for a fresh start

You have to dismiss one of your employees. It could be a manual worker, office worker, manager or executive. You want to meet your statutory obligations and see to it that your employee has a bright future. What do you do?

Why opt for outplacement?
The benefits for you as an employer:
  • You get help with difficult interventions
  • You get social and legal advice on the recommended support
  • You can offer solutions in the redundancy meeting
  • You meet your legal obligations
  • You generate better feelings among the employees who keep their jobs
The benefits for your employees:
  • They get help and advice in their search for a new challenge
  • They learn how to cope with the change
  • They discover the evolutions and opportunities on the labour market
  • They prepare in a professional manner for a fresh start
  • They expand their network and improve their chances
Outplacement support for individuals and groups

Securex provides support for individuals and groups in the case of both individual and collective redundancy.

Collective redundancy
In a collective redundancy, an Employment Unit (TWC) is set up to assist employees who have been made redundant towards an appropriate new future, as swiftly and sustainably as possible.

Individual redundancy
In an individual redundancy, Securex offers outplacement support in a variety of situations. Whether it is the redundancy of an employee subject to 30 weeks’ notice or a person of at least 45 years of age with one year of uninterrupted service. Securex supports every individual, including those who fall outside the statutory framework and have been identified by you for outplacement support.   

Collective and individual outplacement support
In both cases we walk you through the desired outplacement programmes. You have a wide range to choose from.  Our offer gives you the choice of three pathways: standard, customized and individual.

No matter which pathway you choose you will always be offered individual support, even as part of the standard pathway.

We coach and train your employees from the point of redundancy to the point of the ‘fresh start’. We also maintain contact with them afterwards.

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