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A legal department here to assist you with your HR policy

Securex will help you, assist you and advise you with all legal and judicial issues which you encounter. We can help you produce your legal documents, such as contracts, agreements and regulations. Our legal advisors will guide you in your employee relations and provide you with the training you need.

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A legal department here to assist you with your HR policy
Why call upon Securex' legal advisors? Securex’ legal department provides
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • A proactive reaction to failure
  • Clear, quick responses to your legal issues
  • Advice, audits and simulations for a HR policy with solid legal bases

Consult our legal database, which contains a mine of sectorial, social, tax and international information. Summary information sheets, whole case files on a particular theme and also the latest socio-legal information in an easy-to-understand format.

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HR opleidingen

Road to HR is een complete opleiding die u tot een echte expert maakt. Of u nu een beginner bent op het vlak van HR of reeds een ervaren HR-manager, onze thema's beantwoorden aan uw behoeften en zijn aangepast aan elk niveau. Hun rode draad is het carrièrepad van de werknemer, van zijn selectie tot het einde van zijn arbeidsovereenkomst.

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