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Key HR indicators for making the right decisions

Absenteeism, personnel costs, car and mobile phone use… Your HR policy needs professional tools based on clear, accurate data if it is to be effective and profitable. We will help you analyse your HR policy and draw conclusions from it based on objective figures. You thus know your company’s exact situation and make the right decisions.

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HR Reporting
Why opt for Securex HR reporting for your HR management?
What is in it for you as an employer:
  • You minimise your company's wage costs and can quickly see problems and ways of reducing your personnel costs
  • You make the right decisions and manage your business based on solid indicators
  • You save time: all essential data is presented to you clearly
  • You can see how your figures are changing and have the opportunity to extrapolate and foresee problems
  • You can concentrate on your business, whilst we take charge of guiding your Human Resources.
What is in it for your employees:
  • Your employees are guaranteed optimum wage solutions
  • Your workers are motivated by an attractive pay packet
  • Your employees' well-being is increased through better management based on a clear view of absenteeism figures
Our approach
Securex will provide you with reports which will help you to better view your indicators, online, in a ‘Reporting Corner’ accessible on the client portal. Securex clients can generate and consult the reports completely autonomously. All they have to do is interpret the explicit figures and tables.
Clients which need support or help or are reporting beginners are assisted by Securex, until they are sufficiently autonomous.
Our experts also offer personalised service. They will help you interpret the figures and offer a customised approach with personalised screening [MD1] or a customised report (the company dashboard[MD2]  or individual dashboard[MD3] ).

The fields in which we work

Wage cost management
Calculate, in detail, what is included in your wage costs, over the last 3 years, down to employee level.

Absenteeism figures
Reports on absenteeism provide a clear overview and may be used to identify problems to guide HR policy.

Reporting on budget finance
Get a clear view of how your wage costs will change over the next few months and years. 

Personnel change
The report presents retention, rotation and many personnel-related variables. You can use it to determine the situation and how your personnel is changing, to make opportune decisions.

Payroll validation
You calculate your pay based on completely reliable Payroll data.
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