How to tackle absenteeism at work

Strategy against absenteeism

Introduce a global presence policy, from the analysis to the action plan

Did you know that a motivated and healthy employee works almost 5 years longer on average? We offer you an integrated and complete solution for your absenteeism management with 6 modules: audit (qualitative and quantitative), definition of vision, procedure, drawing up an action plan, implementation of an action plan and monitoring and evaluation.

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Strategy against absenteeism
Why would you choose an absenteeism policy from Securex?
  • Your investment goes back into the business: for every euro you spend on well-being at the workplace you save up to ÔéČ4.80 in absenteeism-related costs
  • You create an atmosphere that promotes personal development, and a professional climate in which employees are willing and able to work longer
  • You have access to tools and solutions to fight long and short-term absenteeism
We support the concept of sustainable employability, through which your workers maintain their health and energy level by using  their skills and encouraging their talents. Happy and healthy employees get better results and lift your business to an even higher level.
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