How to tackle absenteeism at work

Medical check

Send a clear and positive message to your employees

Absent employees have an impact on  the smooth running of your organisation while affecting  the work atmosphere. Our medical checks tell you if someone is wrongfully absent, the underlying causes of short-term absenteeism and how to resolve the issue swiftly and effectively.

Ask a medical check (not customer)Ask a medical check (customer)
Medical check
Why would you choose for a Securex medical check?
  • Our medical checks are cost-effective, because they reduce the direct and indirect costs of absence
  • You send a positive message to your employees
  • A statistical report helps guide your decision making
The monitoring doctor
Should you arrange the medical check at home or at the medical office? That will depend on the individual situation and on your  absenteeism policy.

You should consider sending absent workers to see the monitoring doctor, in order to:
  • Discourage unauthorised absence or absence without leave
  • Avoid travel expenses for the doctor
  • Avoid having to rearrange missed home visits with employees
Medical checks can also be carried out on any at-risk groups you may have identified through quantitative surveys. You can supplement this intervention with other tools, such as online questionnaires or follow-ups by phone.
Calculate the cost of absenteeism within your company
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