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How to tackle absenteeism at work

Securex’s solutions to combat absenteeism

Absenteeism at work can have dramatic consequences for your company. Securex offers you general and accessible solutions, regardless of your budget. We assist you in finding out why your employees are absent, in devising a strategy, as well as in drawing up a customised action plan to counteract this phenomenon.

How much does absenteeism cost your company?
Absenteeism at work

What are the causes of absenteeism?

Professional and/or personal problems may be at the root of absenteeism. Some examples are:

  • the negative atmosphere at work and not very favourable labour conditions;
  • the stress caused by an excessive workload;
  • industrial accidents;
  • health problems (illness or accidents that occurred outside the workplace);
  • absences without a valid reason.

The causes of absenteeism are manifold. That’s why you need to find out precisely what they are (health, motivation, working environment, etc.) so that you can act in a targeted way.

What are the consequences of absenteeism?

For the employees present, the absence of their colleagues has a severe impact on their state of mind and may lead to:

  • decreased productivity;
  • loss of motivation;
  • more stress due to a higher workload and sometimes longer working hours.
As an employer, you need to face the organizational and financial consequences:
  • your projects are delayed;
  • you are obliged to redistribute the work;
  • you must find and train replacements for those who are absent;
  • you face performance and even quality issues.

Each of these are valid reasons for acting fast by finding appropriate solutions for your situation.

Securex offers the following solutions to tackle absenteeism at work:

  • an absenteeism audit of your company
  • a strategy to fight absenteeism
  • an action plan to reduce and prevent absences
  • training courses on how to deal with absenteeism
  • a procedure for work resumption after a prolonged absence
  • medical check

Absenteeism audit: analysing the situation

Together with you, we analyse the absence rate and its causes in a quantitative manner. We then compare these statistics with a qualitative analysis of your employees’ well-being and perceptions to measure the impact the situation is having on them.

This gives you a clear picture of the status of your company and also of the points for improvement on which Securex will base a strategy together with you.


Implement an objective and sustainable absenteeism policy

Our experts will help you define your vision of absenteeism. What is the ideal situation for you? What are your main objectives? What indicators can you use to evaluate absences? These are all important questions for which we will help you find answers.

After this, we will brainstorm on clear and uniform procedures that will allow you to better monitor absences and make your managers aware of this issue. Now you’re ready to take action!

Define a strategic policy against absenteeism
Action plan

A concrete action plan to tackle the problem

After developing a strategy against absenteeism, Securex guides you in the implementation of an action plan in line with your vision and your objectives.

This support is not restricted to a specific time limit, as our consultants continuously assess the absence rate and the figures of your medical monitoring through screening or follow-up by phone.

You can also find out how much absenteeism is costing your company, thanks to our simulation tool.


Support your managers with absenteeism training

Dealing with your employees’ absences is not something you improvise. Securex offers managers and executives training, individual coaching, and Intervision workshops to better manage this phenomenon within your organization.

Managers can thus develop their leadership skills to conduct interviews with employees who have been absent correctly and to establish a constructive dialogue. They also learn the keys to implementing an effective absenteeism policy.


Reintegration procedure after prolonged absence

After a long absence, your employees may find it difficult to regain their place in the company. We help you to map out a reintegration procedure, to enable a smooth return to work.

It’s a ‘win-win’ situation: you can once again rely on your employee’s skills and knowledge and they will be all the more motivated to get back to work, either in their old job, or in another job that better suits their current situation, or part-time.

Medical check

An effective solution against unexcused absences

Medical check is an excellent means of identifying the causes of absenteeism. It is not only a clear signal to your employees, it also helps to prevent prolonged or unexcused absences and to reduce their impact on your company.

But when should you call on a check doctor? And what does the legislation on occupational medicine and medical check tell us? Securex provides you with more clarity.

Reducing absenteeism through medical monitoring
You want to know how much does absenteeism cost your company? Run a simulationor contact us