Starting your business

Are you considering becoming a self-employed person? We are always ready to work jointly with you to make your business a success. We will provide you with all the necessary information about the options as well as obligations, as well as various tips & tricks. Are you still in the process of orienting yourself? We can assist you with our expertise and advice even in that case.

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Starting your business
Your partner in independent entrepreneurship
  • Drawing up or optimising your business plan
  • Your optimal social status
  • A sound administration that meets the legal requirements
  • Insurances that protect you and your business
  • Recruitment of personnel
From idea to business plan

To increase your chances of success, it is important to start from a good idea and to develop it into a real business project. We support you step by step and help you to shape your project.

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The status and form of your company

You can start as a main occupation, secondary occupation or as an assistant to a self-employed person. In addition, you are also required to determine your company form. Discover here the differences between these statuses and legal forms.

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Preconditions for starting your own business

Before you can start working as a self-employed person, you must first meet a number of legal requirements: entrepreneurial skills, civil rights, Professional Cards, etc. Discover the legal requirements that apply to all new entrepreneurs in Belgium.

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Administrative requirements for starting your business

As a starting entrepreneur you have to take care of a number of administrative matters, such as obtaining an enterprise number and a VAT number. Preferably open a separate bank account and examine the options available for financing and establishment.

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Financing your business

Starting your own business requires starting capital. How much capital exactly, depends on your activity, your chosen legal form, and your ambitions. The various sources of financing have specific advantages and disadvantages.

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Permits and subsidies for starters

As a self-employed person starting out with your business, you will have to deal not only with obligations but you also need to arrange for support. For example, a specific permit that you need for certain activities or a subsidy for starters.

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Protecting yourself and your company

As a self-employed person, you require adequate insurance. When you join the Social Insurance Fund, you will have a right to a pension, health and disability insurance and much more.

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Social Insurance Fund

As a self-employed person it is important that you are socially protected. That is why it is mandatory for you to join a social insurance fund and pay the necessary social security contributions. We would be happy to further assist you in this regard.

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Going freelance starts here

Starting as a freelancer begins here. With Start2Freelance from Securex you can get down to work easily and all your questions are answered.

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