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Develop your business: Business Coaching

Engage a coach for your company in the Walloon or Brussels Region.

Do you want to start your business in Brussels or Wallonia and would you like to benefit from the advice of an expert who will help you develop your business? Securex has set up a personal coaching programme. A coach helps you wherever required, and jointly drafts an optimal step-by-step plan to ensure the success of your business.

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Develop your business: Business Coaching
Why use a Securex coach to develop your business?
  • You will benefit from the advice and experience of a coach who specialises in the supervision of companies.
  • Your coach also has instant access to a team of experts who can help you with all aspects of business management: sales, finance, law, marketing and communication, etc.
  • You can count on strategic and operational advice
Our approach
It all starts with an introductory meeting. Securex then presents one of the 4 detailed packages that will guide you to success. You will then develop an action plan with the help of a coach. The coach will guide you on how to achieve your goals and help you identify your strengths and weaknesses to improve even further. Other personalised advice can also be offered, according to your specific requirements.
Our packs
Our rates
Packs Duration
Preliminary interview 1 hour
Challenge Me 2 hours
Project Assistance Formula 1: 8 hours individually 
Formula 2: 12 hours individually**
The Way To Growth 16 hours
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If you live in Brussels, please contact us so that you can benefit from a 50% discount - Prices are exclusive of VAT

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