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Why I could never be an employee again

Entrepreneurs | 23 January 2020 | Written by Oliver Op de Beeck

Entrepreneurship comes with trial and error. As a self-employed entrepreneur, you like to be in control. It is therefore difficult to let go of these reins and return to the golden cage in which workers find themselves.

Why I could never be an employee again
However, the title of employee brings with it a number of favourable benefits. You are assured of a fixed monthly salary, you are usually not responsible for bringing in customers, and your work usually stops after office hours. 

As an entrepreneur, you don’t have this luxury. After all, you are liable for all processes within the company on a permanent basis. The ins and outs of the company depend on you as an entrepreneur. 

Ensure your own successAlthough being an employee seems attractive, entrepreneurship is just as exciting. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly responsible for your own success and there is no limit to your possibilities.

As an employee, important decisions are made in your place. As an entrepreneur, on the other hand, you can make decisions without asking permission from your manager and without criticism from your colleagues. That’s comforting. 

The freedom and independence you enjoy as an entrepreneur, therefore, makes entrepreneurship extremely fascinating. If, as a self-employed person, you decide to take the step towards being an employee, you will have to sacrifice your freedom in any case. This represents a stumbling block for many entrepreneurs. 

Characteristics of an entrepreneurEntrepreneurs usually have some character traits that can cause problems within a team in the long term. Entrepreneurship is hard to learn and – in my opinion – is a part of your DNA. 

Entrepreneurs are daredevils and like to take – calculated – risks. As an entrepreneur, you are stubborn and independent. You like to march to the beat of your own drum. It is therefore difficult for entrepreneurs to conform to a company’s vision when they disagree with the approach taken. 

Personally, I prefer not to trade my freedom as an entrepreneur for the comfort of being an employee. The freedom I enjoy as a self-employed entrepreneur gives me the opportunity to chart a course of my own choosing. Walking a path mapped out by others is not my cup of tea. 

Finally, as a self-employed entrepreneur, you work on your personal dream and you are constantly challenged to solve problems and seize opportunities. You have the opportunity to make your own mark on what your company produces, which gives you a feeling of satisfaction. 

As an entrepreneur, you can translate passion into your profession and invest in yourself. I think I’m speaking on behalf of many entrepreneurs when I say that the satisfaction one gets from this is priceless.

My conclusion?Of course, I usually speak on my own behalf and from my own experience as an entrepreneur. Returning to work as an employee certainly has its advantages. For me, however, these advantages do not outweigh the absolute freedom I enjoy as a self-employed person.

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