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Three books every entrepreneur must read

Entrepreneurs | 11 May 2020 | Written by Oliver Op de Beeck

Reading gives you a unique opportunity. For a low price, you crawl around in the brain of someone with extensive insight and knowledge. Every year, there are more than a million new books published. How do you choose which ones to read?

Three books every entrepreneur must read
In this article, I tell you more about which books are worth your time as an entrepreneur.

Remote: Office not requiredIn recent years, there has been ever-increasing demand for teleworking. The coronavirus has fed this discussion even more. 
Is it necessary to be at the office every day? No, not according to the team at Basecamp. They wrote a practical book about ‘remote working’. 

Providing a system in which you, as a company leader and/or your staff members work from home has a lot of additional benefits. You can attract more talent because your company is no longer bound to a location. Also, you and your staff members are typically more productive because the traffic no longer has any impact on you and your working hours can be better distributed. 

Enjoy the book

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and WinDid you enjoy watching ‘Kamp Waes’ on TV? Did you like seeing how, in the short term, people who didn’t know each other could learn to work closely together? You can learn how to do the same in your company. 

The book Extreme Ownership was written by an ex-navy SEAL who performed a leadership role. Jocko Willink describes how he structured his missions and ensured that his team kept their morale high, and what the pitfalls are in every organisation. 

From a military standpoint, he describes why might be better off being a leader than a boss. It’s necessary for you to take on great responsibility. That ensures that there is more confidence. This book was a New York Times bestseller.

Enjoy the book

Company of One: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for BusinessesDo you feel pressure to grow with your company, even though you might not think it’s necessary? Are you enjoying your current lifestyle and would prefer to reduce your stress? Then this book is highly recommended. 

Author Paul Jarvis proposes the idea that your business doesn’t need to grow. It can be different. By giving practical advice and numerous examples, this book will open your mind in new ways. 

Growth is fine; it breathes fresh air into your company, bringing resources with it. Unfortunately, this often goes hand in hand with a number of negative side effects such as increased pressure, less time for your loved ones and a lot more stress. Find the balance and read the about antithesis of growth! 

Enjoy the book

Books are the ideal way to open your mind. I’ve always said that a 400-page book has only 5 pages that truly matter. That ratio doesn’t appear to be ideal, but it’s more than enough. My best ideas have all come from those 5 pages in thick books. Happy reading!

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