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The importance of a clear communication

5 reasons why you should consider this as an entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs | 09 October 2020 | Written by Sanne Van Biesen

Nowadays it’s really hot to communicate clearly. In Flanders, for example, the “Heerlijk Helder” campaign is ongoing to get civil servants to write more clearly. And rightly so! Because clear communication is extremely valuable for your company and your image. But why is that?

The importance of a clear communication
1. Your customers understand your message fasterClear communication, what is it actually? It’s a communication that your target audience, such as your customers, understands immediately even when they read it/hear it for the first time. It means that your customers save time. Because a customer who understands the message immediately has no need to contact you again and does not lose time. This makes him or her a satisfied customer. 

2. You save time and moneyAs an entrepreneur, you lose less time thanks to clear communication as well. Fair’s fair: drawing up clear communication initially requires time and money. But the investment pays off because if your customer immediately understands what you mean, you will need to answer fewer questions, handle fewer complaints, send fewer reminders, etc.
This way, not only is your customer satisfied, but you are too. A win-win!
A fun fact: 
The Belgian tax authorities managed to collect 18 million euros in overdue tax money faster by communicating in a friendlier and clearer manner in reminder letters. Suddenly, that clear communication sounds extra attractive, doesn't it? 

3. You reach everyoneYou may not have thought about it yourself, but did you know that 15% of the adults have a hard time reading and writing? You may also need to reach low-literacy customers. By communicating clearly and simply, you will not miss out on this target group and everyone will understand the messages you wish to convey.
Tip: how do you know if you are communicating simply enough? 
Go to https://www.plainlanguageeurope.com/en

Can’t you find the word? Then it’s too difficult and you best avoid using it.

4. You get what you want done quickerAnyone saying that simple language is not precise is a dinosaur, because difficult and official communication has been out of fashion for a long time. Simple language is precise and does not prevent you from formulating your question or action accurately.

By communicating simply and clearly, your customers will understand your question better. For example, when you ask them to pay. Not only will they act faster, but they will also make fewer mistakes.

5. You improve your company imageYour company image, that is the meaning/the feeling that a customer conveys/has about your company. That does not always correspond to the image you would like to have yourself. For example, you may enthusiastically proclaim that you are a young and dynamic company, but a complicated and unclear invoice proves the exact opposite. With clear communication you stand out, in a positive way. Customers trust you more quickly and value you more. And that only benefits your company image. 

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