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How you digitise your day-to-day work

Entrepreneurs | 02 April 2020 | Written by Oliver Op de Beeck

Thanks to the technological progress of the past few decades, many of us are able to work from home. How do you recreate your office on the worldwide web? We give you an overview of several handy tools. 

How you digitise your day-to-day work
1. Chatting over a cup of coffee in the kitchenSocial contact is an important part of the daily functioning of a company. How do you make sure that morale stays high? Thanks to tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams, you can create ‘rooms’ for your company where your staff members can speak with each other. As a result, your teams remain up to date with all developments and you avoid communication problems. 

It is important that you make house rules for this tool, otherwise you run the risk of a simple chat lasting the whole day. 

You can use the following template for a room structure:
  1. News channel where you can report developments within the company. 
  2. Coffee corner where employees can gather for a chat. 
  3. Subdivision of channels according to team structure, so you can make a channel for Marketing, Sales, Bookkeeping, and so forth. 
  4. Inspiration corner—the channel where you share interesting articles with your team. By doing this, you make sure your team keeps learning, even during this difficult period. 
Ask your team members to leave a message on the relevant channel if they, for example, are going to take an hour’s break to eat or to walk the dog. This keeps everyone informed. 

2. Digital meetingsFace-to-face contact is irreplaceable, but you can come close by holding your meetings digitally. Make use of tools like Skype, Zoom or Google Meet to set up videoconferences. This is far more personal than just calling. 

You clients will also appreciate you taking measures to avoid physical contact in times where everyone can be infected. 

A number of golden rules apply here too: 
  1. Look for a peaceful room to conduct your conversation. 
  2. Get dressed as you normally would to hold a meeting. 
  3. Take your background into account; clean up to make a professional impression. 
  4. Is the videoconference for several people? Mute your microphone until you need to say something; that way you won’t disturb or distract with any sounds. 

The current measures offer every company an opportunity to review how they attack their day-to-day work. By digitising a part of your business, you’re better prepared for the future. This may also be a good time to evaluate which employees should be allowed to work from home more frequently. 

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