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How do you build your business back up after a crisis or setback?

Entrepreneurs | 18 June 2020 | Written by Magali De Reu

Have you already begun the restart process for your business? This step-by-step plan will help you on your way. But if there is anything this crisis has taught us, it’s that we self-employed people and independents need to tackle certain businesses or activities differently.

How do you build your business back up after a crisis or setback?
Although these approaches will vary for every freelancer or entrepreneur, certain tips are applicable to everyone. I’ve collected them all for you! 

Learn from the setback The corona crisis was a great opportunity to do some self-development. There’s a good chance that emotions were running high at the time. Now that you’ve resumed your activities, you can take a sober look at your pre-corona business.

Evaluate which of your processes, thinking or working methods the crisis has influenced:
  • What insights have you had? 
  • How can you anticipate a new setback? 
  • How should you respond during a subsequent crisis? 
Maybe you now realise that you were too dependent on your foreign suppliers, and you’ve since seen potential in local production. You may have experienced just how important a financial buffer actually is. Or realised that your company had not invested adequately in digitisation. Whatever happened, it’s important you learn from it. 

Make your company corona-proofDo you have your own office and/or employees on the books? Safety and well-being have never been so important. Think about which measures you’ll implement, temporarily or permanently, to corona-proof your business. Remember to take sector-specific rules into account.

Provide a pleasant work environment and pay attention to the health of your personnel. Think about the logical elements, such as working from home. Be as flexible as possible in every aspect of your policy.

Does this all sound like it’s too much? Are you unsure where to start? If necessary, appoint a corona coordinator whose job it is to put everything on the right path. Or use the Corona-check from Securex. This way, everyone in your business will be able to go to work with peace of mind!

Involve othersAs a freelancer, self-employed or independent person, it’s sometimes difficult to find your path in the web of support measures, guidelines, recommendations and so forth. You’re not on your own. Speak to other people from your sector and ask how they tackle certain aspects. You may end up helping each other or discovering opportunities to collaborate! 

Are you working with fixed staff members or freelance consultants? Involve them; ask them what they would appreciate in the areas of safety and well-being. And remember that over the last few months, a lot of professionals have reviewed their priorities. Never before have we had so much need for human connection. As a manager or client, showing an understanding of personal needs, has become an important condition for collaboration. 

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