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Getting people to join your event

20+ simple and free marketing ideas
Entrepreneurs | 23 July 2020 | Written by Jenny Bjorklof

Whether you are a freelancer or entrepreneur, chances are that at some point you’ll be wanting to organise an event to raise awareness, share information and expertise, build a community and/or get leads.

Getting people to join your event
I’ve organised hundreds of events and workshops, big and small, online or offline. 

The hardest part is definitely getting people to join. Below you’ll find more than 20 tactics that have worked for me to get people signed up to my conferences, workshops and networking events. 

Before the launch
  • Ask a handful of your ideal participants for ideas and to share what they need or would like to learn
  • Once you have some ideas, ask a group of your ideal participants (e.g. on social media) for questions about the topic(s) or create a poll for them to vote for their favourite content
  • Ask your ideal participants for recommendations for speakers
  • Put a call out for speakers on social media

  • Do a special 24-hour launch discount
  • Invite a few influencers or amplifiers (people with access to your ideal participants) to join for free and ask them to invite their friends (with an exclusive discount) and promote the event
  • Create events on Facebook and LinkedIn and invite people in your network to join
  • Send personal invitations to people in your network
  • Ask for suggestions for people to invite

In the run-up to the eventFeature the speaker (or yourself)
  • Create a great speaker bio. Add at least: name, title, current company, years of experience, achievements, types of clients/employers
  • Make sure the event images make the speaker look good
  • Make it easy for the speaker to share, by sending them an email with direct links to posts on social media, or images they can use 
  • Add a speaker exclusive discount code if you can

Feature attendees joining
  • Ask the registered participants to share that they are joining using personal messages
  • Feature them e.g. on social media, and ask them to say why they are joining and what they are looking forward to

Feature the programme
  • Show the agenda, programme and/or a list of reasons to attend your event on social media and in emails and messages
  • Share why you are personally organising the event and what you are doing to make it happen

  • If you’ve organised other events, find nice reviews to feature. Do it e.g. with a picture of the attendee and a quote
  • Be sure to collect reviews of your event, to use for future events

Price increase
  • If your event is ticketed, try to add an early bird discount. When it’s about to expire, make sure to announce it

Only a few spaces left
  • Create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) by saying there are only three spaces left

Fully booked!
  • If your event is fully booked, make sure you display this too. It will make it easier to sell future events.

During the event
  • Ask people regularly to share content about the event on social media, using a special event hashtag

After the event
  • Create a summary of the event with key lessons from the session(s), participant quotes and pictures. Share this in an email and on social media.
  • Ask for testimonials in a feedback form. Share them as quotes. 

Hopefully, these tactics will help you launch a successful event.
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